98 Affirmations For Depression To Bring Positivity Into Your Life

affirmations for depression

Affirmations for depression are any positive statement that you make about yourself or your talents. Many individuals have discovered that repeating positive affirmations aloud is an effective way to help them remain resilient in the face of adversity, discover the drive to work toward change, and better cope with pain or discomfort.

Affirmations are not anything more than words, when taken to their most fundamental level. They are unable to magically enhance a challenging circumstance or address conditions related to either bodily or mental health. But words do have power, and good self-talk may give a lot of benefits, so keep that in mind.

A lot of people find that reciting positive affirmations helps them feel better about themselves, which in turn alleviates their anxiety and sometimes even their melancholy.

How The Use Of Affirmations Might Be Helpful?

It would appear that affirmations are beneficial for numerous people; but, how precisely can affirming yourself help reduce depression? What makes these seemingly innocuous statements so compelling?

They have the ability to cause alterations in the brain.

The theory behind the effectiveness of affirmations is that they contribute to changes in the brain. Affirmations centre on happy experiences or fundamental values and have the potential to engage the brain’s reward circuits. It is possible that this will, as a result, make it simpler to adopt a more optimistic attitude toward the future.

Your brain has some degree of plasticity, and it will continue to alter and adapt as a result of the things that happen to you in your life. Since the brain isn’t always able to differentiate between real experiences and imagined experiences, using affirmations is one approach to take advantage of this quality and use it to your benefit.

Affirmations facilitate the modification and reframing of limiting beliefs. One of the most common ways to alleviate the symptoms of depression is to work on breaking the negative thinking loop that is at the core of the condition.

Affirmations For Depression To Boost One’s Sense Of Self-worth

Depression frequently manifests itself in the form of lowered levels of self-esteem as well as sensations of emotional numbness or emptiness. You might experience feelings of lethargy and emptiness, even when thinking of your typical interests and activities, and you might find it difficult to take pleasure in anything at all.

This can inspire scepticism in your own talents, including your capacity to recover and regain a more hopeful view, and it can diminish your motivation to keep trying in the face of adversity.

Here is a list of 98 positive affirmations to change your negative and limiting beliefs and bring positivity into your life.

Affirmations For Depression

1.     I decide to breathe and smile.

2.     Even when it seems like I am on my own, I am linked.

3.     Putting my needs first is not being selfish; it is being responsible.

4.     Today marks a fresh start.

5.     One of the best presents I can give is my pleasure.

6.     I am full and ideal just as I am.

7.     My body sends me critical signals through my feelings.

8.     I have faith in myself always.

9.     In all settings and with all individuals, I feel connected and at ease.

10.  There is no right or incorrect way to feel. They simply are.

11.  Never will I stop pursuing my goals.

12.  I am not going to be afraid to live my life.

13.  Because how I feel matters, I focus on things in life that make me feel good.

14.  The world is how it ought to be.

15.  I am special. I am strong. I exude assurance.

16.  It will be a good day today.

17.  I have a lovely soul and heart.

18.  My fears are normal, just occasionally they take a short deviation.

19.  I know more than I believe.

20.  There are lessons to be gained from every encounter in life.

Positive Affirmations For Depression

21.  I already am whole and complete.

22.  I can handle this.

23.  I have energy.

24.  Neither my anxiety nor my despair define me.

25.  I will always be kind to myself.

26.  I am proud of all of my accomplishments, no matter how minor.

27.  I honour who I am.

28.  I don’t dwell on the here and now and instead think long term.

29.  I don’t fight with my mind; I just let it work.

30.  I always choose what is best for me.

31.  I have faith in my ability to make wise choices.

32.  I have a special bond with my parents, they are easily reachable.

33.  Everything is temporary.

34.  I am attempting to live a life I enjoy.

35.  Although right now I am down, tomorrow is another day.

36.  I am worth more than I realize.

37.  I unwind and take a long breath.

38.  I am full of hope.

39.  Every day, my resiliency grows.

40.  I have optimism and happiness as I look to the future.

Affirmations For Anxiety And Depression

41.  I can make out the end of the tunnel now.

42.  I am a person who is likeable and loving.

43.  This is my chance in life.

44.  The only one in charge of meeting my own needs is me.

45.  I will surround myself with uplifting individuals.

46.  I don’t let my depression rule me.

47.  I won’t linger on the past.

48.  I have already done it.

49.  I am resilient and capable of overcoming obstacles.

50.  I allow myself the freedom to develop, discover, and change as I see fit.

51.  Every day I try to be a better person.

52.  Since there is no “correct way to have a day,” I will simply take it as it comes.

53.  Everyone makes mistakes in life. What counts is how much I can learn from my mistakes.

54.  A new day has begun today.

55.  When I ponder too much, I know I let myself get depressed. I will therefore keep myself busy and occupied with productive and constructive activities.

56.  My design of my future makes it good.

57.  Hope exists wherever there is life.

58.  The life I want for myself is one I design.

59.  I am the sky; thoughts are passing clouds.

60.  Although my emotions are walled off, they are nonetheless present and significant.

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety And Depression

61.  The person I will be tomorrow is being formed by the mistakes I made yesterday. I learn from them and move on with my life.

62.  I have survived difficult times in the past, and I will survive this.

63.  I take care of my inner child.

64.  I have complete affection for myself.

65.  I am trying my hardest, and that’s a lovely thing.

66.  Nothing is “wrong” with me.

67.  I don’t evaluate myself against others.

68.  People like to listen what I have to say and think.

69.  I am the eternal truth at the core of everything.

70.  I have power, serenity, and assurance.

71.  I am proud of the entire me.

72.  I don’t mind being proven wrong.

73.  I succeed at whatever I set my mind to.

74.  I am mindful and live in the present.

75.  I always present myself to succeed in body, mind, and soul.

76.  My soul is at peace; my mind is sharp; and my body is healthy.

77.  I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

78.  Anything I set my mind to, I can do.

79.  Anything is possible if I set my mind to it.

80.  Anything I set my mind to, I can and will do.

Depression Affirmations

81.  I am being mindful of my needs and don’t feel bad about it.

82.  Anything I set my mind to, I can accomplish.

83.  I possess mind, body, and spirit strength.

84.  I am purging all bad ideas from my mind and replacing them with good ones.

85.  I have a bright mind.

86.  Because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter, it is acceptable to say no.

87.  Whatever I put my mind to, I can accomplish.

88.  My mind is my friend.

89.  I am at ease with my body, mind, and spirit.

90.  I let the flawless love of the universe enter my mind and emotions.

91.  If I notice myself becoming caught up in a negative mindset, I am devoted to giving my body a rest.

92.  I am aware that an energized mind precedes an energized body.

93.  I have only good things running through my mind.

94.  Both my body and mind are at ease.

95.  My mind is at rest, and my body is at ease.

96.  I must put an end to my worrying about the future and keep in mind that I am in charge of the present.

97.  My body, soul, and mind deserve to relax.

98.  Instead of listening to what my mind tells me, I listen to my heart, which assures me that everything is fine.

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