89 Crown Chakra Affirmations To Raise Consciousness And Energy

crown chakra affirmations

In this article, we will have a look at crown chakra affirmations, but first let us look at what are chakras and specifically the crown chakra.

Each of the seven energy centres in the body, known as chakras, is represented by a petal from a lotus flower, which helps maintain the flow of energy. Once all the petals have fully opened, one will have achieved a state of overall harmony in their body, mind, and spirit. The Crown or Sahasrara Chakra is the seventh and final chakra, and it is responsible for the activation of divine energy.

The word “thousand” or “infinite” comes from the Sanskrit word “Sahasrara.” The Crown Chakra can be found at the very top of the head. It forges a solid connection with the higher Self that is beyond all understanding. If you want to achieve spiritual enlightenment and a universal flow of energy, you must first awaken your crown chakra. It is depicted as a light that is either completely white or violet in colour. OM serves as the seed mantra for the Sahasrara Chakra. Memory, intelligence, and the ability to concentrate are a few of the cognitive abilities that may be affected by it.

Manifestations Of The Crown Chakra

Having a more optimistic view of life is one of the benefits of having the Crown Chakra activated. Both our routines and our mentality have undergone observable shifts recently. Ego no longer exerts its authority over the Self. Feelings such as appreciation, compassion, and acceptance help us to become our authentic selves. It is a conscious decision to turn away from any and all unfavourable thoughts that contribute to unhappiness and stress in our lives. Having a well-balanced Crown Chakra allows for greater spiritual comprehension as well as inner calm and perspective. It is possible for a person to experience feelings of disillusionment, boredom, melancholy, and restlessness when their Crown Chakra is blocked or out of balance.

Our mental and spiritual intelligence are both directed by the seventh, or Crown Chakra. The energy needed to operate the seventh, or crown chakra, comes from the previous six chakras. To effectively activate the Crown Chakra, it is necessary to first focus one’s attention on the lower six chakras. This is the reason for this.

Crown Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are the most effective method for bringing the chakras back into alignment. Every one of them is geared toward bolstering one’s self-assurance and faith in oneself in the absence of any judgments or ego. These affirmations help to keep the Crown Chakra clear and open.

1.     My consciousness is wired for millions.

2.     I am comfortable, happy, healthy, serene, prosperous, abundant, and I am limitless consciousness.

3.     I am a constant source of prosperity and uplifting energy.

4.     My reality is created by my energy. I will actualize what I give my attention to.

5.     I am in tune with the energy of prosperity.

6.     I am aware that energy follows where I chose to give my attention to in life. So I decide to emphasize the good things in my life and look for chances to develop even during trying times.

7.     I adore my interests and the energy I put into them.

8.     Love is an energy that can never be wasted.

9.     My pleasant energy attracts people, and they get attracted towards me.

10.  I’m surrounded by the universe’s compassionate energy.

11.  I have an endless supply of positive energy.

12.  I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

13.  My entire existence is filled with wonderful energy.

14.  I expel all negative energy that is poisonous and does not help me.

15.  I feel so much excitement and happiness at this moment that I exude that energy throughout my day.

16.  The loving energy of the universe is surrounding me.

17.  Positive energy is drawing itself to my body.

18.  My body is bursting with energy and wellness.

19.  I expel any bad energy.

20.  I am full of positive energy.

21.  I inhale deeply, and each breath gives me energy.

22.  I have enough of energy to engage in all of my favourite activities.

23.  All day long, I have plenty of energy.

24.  I feel like I have more energy every day.

25.  In every way, I am pain-free, and I have plenty of energy.

26.  I have great energy, am gorgeous, and am very stunning on the inside and out.

27.  I have plenty of energy to carry out all of my everyday tasks.

28.  I have a lot of vigour and energy.

29.  I have all the energy I require to reach my objectives.

30.  I have plenty of energy to get through my day.

31.  My reality is created by my energy.

32.  I am going to explode into energy.

33.  By concentrating on my dream, I generate all the energy I need.

34.  I have a lot of energy, am dynamic, and am passionate about what I do.

35.  I am surrounded by loving, uplifting energy.

36.  I pledge to live with the most amount of energy possible.

37.  I exude a tremendous amount of positive energy in all facet of my life.

38.  My energy levels substantially rise every day.

39.  I am filled with lots of energy.

40.  In whatever I do, I sense the presence of a higher power and energy.

41.  I have more than enough energy to complete all of my goals and obligations.

42.  In this instant, I accept energy from the universe.

43.  The energy of the universe and I are working together.

44.  Every cell in my body is bursting with vivacious, joyous energy right now.

45.  I have revitalizing energy.

46.  I have plenty of energy during the day.

47.  I choose carefully what energy I allow to surround me and what energy I let out into the world.

48.  Every day, I make every effort to fill my life with positive energy.

49.  My body and soul are infused with limitless energy.

50.  I am energy in a human form.

Crown Chakra Affirmation

51.  I have more energy when I am more concentrated.

52.  My veins are filled with life and energy.

53.  Every day, my energy level increases.

54.  When necessary, I use my energy reserves.

55.  For me, having lots of energy comes naturally.

56.  Having peaceful thoughts gives me more energy.

57.  My entire body is vibrating with good energy.

58.  I expel all of my negative energy.

59.  I breathe in the universe’s good energy.

60.  My body is in wonderful health and vibrates with good energy.

61.  I always have Divine protection and guidance.

62.  I follow divine guidance.

63.  I am protected by the Divine who resides within and around me.

64.  Every cell in my body is filled with divine light.

65.  In the flower, the tree, the brook, and the meadow, I can clearly see the hand of divine intelligence at work.

66.  Every breath I take is filled with divine energy.

67.  All is perfect, I am a genius in my own right, and I am a creature of the Divine mind.

68.  I am moving toward my divine purpose with joy, happiness, and love.

69.  I am humbly willing to accept divine blessings.

70.  I follow my own set of divine laws to live my life.

71.  I am now allowing Divine light and love to fill my entire being.

72.  I am love and Divine intelligence.

73.  I am a spiritual entity, and I am of Divine nature.

74.  By residing in accordance with the divine presence within me, I am making an investment in my own awakening.

75.  I am aware of my life’s purpose and divine destiny.

76.  The divine wisdom that resides within me serves as the source of all my ideas, words, and deeds.

77.  In this moment, I am with the Divine.

78.  I am able to perceive my divine mission and act accordingly.

79.  I humbly pray for divine direction in every aspect of my life.

80.  Now, every cell in my body is working flawlessly according to divine plan.

81.  A divine force directs each and every one of my deeds, thoughts, and words.

82.  I entrust Infinite Love and Divine Wisdom with the care of my life.

83.  I have a sense of divine tranquilly.

84.  I can see the dazzling light of the divine within me.

85.  Now, the Divine has encircled me and is cherishing me, nurturing me, and guarding me.

86.  In everything I think, do, and say, I receive divine guidance and inspiration.

87.  I release everything that isn’t a part of my divine purpose.

88.  I let myself shine because I am a divine entity of light.

89.  Divine love is a blessing in every deed I take.

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