100 Heart Chakra Affirmations To Overcome Fear And Instill Love

heart chakra affirmations

In this article, we will have a look at heart chakra affirmations, but first let us look at what are chakras and specifically the heart chakra.

In addition to the body that we can see and touch, we also have a more subtle, energetic body. Within it are pathways that are permeated with prana, also known as life force, and these pathways converge at potent energy centres that are referred to as chakras. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, and the crown chakra is located at the very top of the head (top of the head).

Each chakra, also known as a nerve centre, is linked to a distinct set of characteristics and feelings, which express themselves in a variety of ways depending on whether they are out of balance (also known as blocked).

It is helpful to imagine the flow of energy rather than a literal chakra that is wobbling or blocked up when one is thinking about balancing and unblocking the chakras. This is because the literal chakra would be wobbling or blocked up. When your energy is moving upwards, you will experience the beneficial qualities associated with each chakra; for example, the heart chakra is associated with the emotion of love. You will experience the undesirable aspects of each chakra when it is flowing downwards through your body. It is more productive to concentrate on the flow of energy rather than making an effort to “fix” each individual chakra individually.

The energy circulates from the area around the navel to the area around the heart, where it then manifests as one of three emotions: fear, love, or hatred. The region surrounding the heart is where people feel the sensations of love, fear, and hatred when they experience these emotions. If someone’s heart is broken, it indicates that the love they once felt for you has deteriorated into something else entirely, possibly even hatred.

There is no room for anxiety in a world where there is love. Love cannot exist where there is fear. Fear prevents love. At any given moment, only one of the three feelings is in the spotlight, while the other two recede into the background. It’s not that none of them can be found at all. Those who experience fear also have the capacity for love. When love is the driving force in a relationship, there is no room for either fear or hatred. When fear and love take a backseat to hatred, it means that hatred has taken the driver’s seat. People often find themselves in this predicament. When they are so filled with hatred, they do not feel any fear, and they do not feel any love for anyone or anything.

This Is What Occurs Whenever There Is An Imbalance In Heart Chakra

The unconditional love that we feel for others is housed in the heart chakra, also known as the fourth chakra. It is also possible for it to be associated with fear, and even hatred, when it is out of balance. When this chakra is balanced and functioning well, you may experience feelings of being open, loved, and loving, as well as a sense that love that is not conditional is easily channelled through you.

Whenever the energy in this chakra is out of whack, you may experience feelings of dread, terror, pain, and possibly even hatred. It is often said that the opposite of love is fear, and since an imbalance can manifest as a feeling of tightness and fear in your chest, this may be an indication that something is off. Or, if you’ve been seriously wounded, the love that you once had for someone might morph into hatred for them.

We wish for you to have a heart chakra that is open, healed, and happy so that you can experience a life that is filled with love, joy, and an open heart. Let’s take a look at some affirmations to open up this chakra and get your energy moving.

Heart Chakra Affirmations To Overcome Fear

  1. I let go of all my anxieties and fears, and I allow myself to be joyful.

  2. I prefer hope to fear.

  3. I don’t have a fear of spending because I know I can handle it well.

  4. I can offer and accept love without fear.

  5. I released every resistance, fear, and obstacles to love.

  6. I kindly accept all of my fears.

  7. I am glad I can be who I am in this relationship without fear of being unfairly judged.

  8. I am a fearless person.

  9. I put my fears to rest.

  10. I set my worries and fears away.

  11. I have no fear.

  12. I will channel my fear into relaxing, uplifting energy.

  13. I am capable of overcoming my fears.

  14. Pushing through my fear is helping me to overcome it.

  15. Without fear of criticism, I can accept myself completely as I am.

  16. I let go of fear and substitute it with love instead.

  17. Fear no longer serves me, therefore I let it go.

  18. I have confidence and am fearless in my daily life.

  19. I breathe assurance and exhale worry and fear.

  20. I have no fear of failing. Failure is not irreversible.

  21. Knowing that I am already healed in this very moment, I release all fear and anxiety.

  22. It’s okay to feel fear and stay away from scary things.

  23. I let go of fear and embrace love, and as a result, I am filled with peace, love, and joy.

  24. I inhale assurance and exhale fear.

  25. I am stunning, audacious, and fearless.

  26. I have no worries or fears because of my belief in a higher power.

  27. Since I am aware that I am infinite, I have no fear of death.

  28. I can love and be loved without fear.

  29. I am a fearless and powerful person who never backs down from a challenge.

  30. My fear is overcome by my trust.

  31. I smile while running through my fear.

  32. I get rid of my failing fear.

  33. I have no fear. I won’t give up on my goal. I can handle this.

Heart Chakra Affirmations To Develop Love

  1. I allow love to fill me and be my compass in whatever I do.

  2. Every day, I rejoice in and love my existence.

  3. I am loved and respected by many individuals.

  4. My life is lovely, and I only ever attract the finest of everything.

  5. I make the decision to think optimistically and design a lovely, prosperous life for myself.

  6. Even when my loves ones aren’t physically present, I can still feel their affection.

  7. I’m drawn to prosperity, love, and good health.

  8. I am a source of joy, happiness, and love.

  9. My rage is washed away by a compassionate river, which brings love in its place.

  10. I can add actual value to the world because I love what I do.

  11. As a result of doing what I love, my income is increasing every day.

  12. I am prosperous, healthy, and attracting love.

  13. I love what I do, and it comes through in everything I do.

  14. Cash loves me.

  15. People love to give me cash.

  16. Money loves me, and I adore money.

  17. Both my clients and I am in love.

  18. Love permeates every one of my artistic endeavours.

  19. I always give love generously because I know that my levels of love are limitless.

  20. I battle every day to give and receive love, which makes me a warrior for love.

  21. I love my adversaries.

  22. I don’t look for love outside of myself since I understand that it won’t make me happy.

  23. Love, in my opinion, is the key to happiness.

  24. The most lovely, fulfilling love is what the universe wants for me.

  25. My partner accepts and loves me exactly as I am, and being in a loving relationship is great for me.

  26. My partner genuinely loves me for who I am.

  27. My partnership is filled with unwavering love and commitment.

  28. Every day, my marriage (and/or love) gets stronger.

  29. By offering love, I may find my happy place at any point during the day.

  30. My marriage has such a strong foundation in love that it will never sway.

  31. I adore that I always choose what’s best for my love and happiness.

  32. The most potent force in my universe is love.

  33. I give the Universe permission to pour forth copious quantities of love on me.

  34. I take use of the fact that love is the universe’s most potent force.

  35. I enjoy having a partner who loves and values me entirely.

  36. I’ve learned that in life, I always get back what I give, and I always offer love.

  37. I am aware that I am on this planet in order to love and be loved.

  38. I place love before winning debates.

  39. The driving force behind all I do is love.

  40. Because I know that my life will be filled with me giving and receiving love, it makes me joyful and pleased.

  41. I deserve love without a doubt.

  42. I allow myself to be loved for who I truly am.

  43. With my love, I enrich the world in many meaningful ways.

  44. I am interacting with someone who loves me for who I am.

  45. I act, speak, and think from a place of love within of me.

  46. I am loved more than I could have ever imagined.

  47. My love is powerful and strong.

  48. Love will always come first for me.

  49. People who enter my life do so out of pure love and with the intention of loving me entirely.

  50. Love and romance come easily into my life.

  51. I adore God, and He loves me.

  52. I ought to discover love.

  53. My life is full of new relationships that thrive because they are based on love.

  54. I am open to love finding me quickly.

  55. My partner loves me fervently and deeply.

  56. I am appreciative of the love I have in my life.

  57. Seeing love, I’m in love.

  58. I was born to love and to be loved.

  59. Every day, my love for my wife and children grows deeper.

  60. In nature, I experience intense love.

  61. Love has a free rein in my heart.

  62. I am love, and love is me.

  63. I exude unwavering love.

  64. I receive love from strangers and unrelated people.

  65. I freely and cheerfully offer and accept love.

  66. I live by the principles of love.

  67. I am open to receiving love in my life.

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