100 Love Affirmations To Bring Romance And Relationship Into Your Life

love affirmations

Do you find that dating brings on feelings of anxiety and tension for you?

So do I. In many parts of my life, I’ve learned to learn how to speak encouraging words to myself. Love affirmations specifically teach you how to love yourself, in addition to attracting love to you, and bring love to you. As a result of the fact that affirmations for love are effective, the one-two punch is an easy thing to brag about.

Affirmations have the remarkable power to transform your way of thinking in the most fundamental ways. Positive thinking is practised on a consistent basis until it becomes second nature. Sometimes, without even realising it, we have a tendency to repeat the unfavourable statements over and over again. If you practise a little amount of mindfulness and listen to some guidance, you might find that certain love affirmations work better for you than others.

Here are 100 love affirmations to help you find your soul mate and attract the one you’ve been looking for all along.

But First, Let’s Define Affirmations

Affirmations are positive phrases or words that prevent one from considering unfavourable possibilities. Once you get the hang of it, consciously repeating words is a simple form of positive thinking that allows you to weave personal statements. Once you do this for a while, you will notice that this method works best for you.

Love affirmations cannot be considered as magical. Despite the fact that the underlying triggers and trauma are still present, exercising these triggers helps reduce pain and anxiety. It is a way that has been scientifically validated that can help one find consolation in the sea of confusion that the quick speed of life causes.

Putting up the effort required to be successful is essential. In addition to this, you must be willing to take your time and actively work to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Studies conducted in the field of science have conclusively demonstrated the efficacy and power of affirmations.

There is no better day to start than today because, just like with other things, practise truly does make perfect, and there is no better day to start than today.

Love Affirmations

1.     I enjoy having a significant somebody who I can love.

2.     I never give up on someone I love.

3.     I am open to receiving love.

4.     My life is filled with romance and love.

5.     Every single day, my love grows to higher and higher degrees.

6.     Love Is All Around me all the time.

7.     Love has no definition, and I am aware of this. I let my assessment of it to change.

8.     I am about to find love.

9.     I am a powerful magnet for love.

10.  I accept that I am drawing love and passion into my life.

Love Language Words Of Affirmation

11.  My life is filled with joy and love.

12.  I am all set to find my ideal spouse.

13.  The love of my life is here with me.

14.  I have the power to use my love to change the world.

15.  Love is to me nourishment for the soul.

16.  My soul is warmly filled with love.

17.  Love always finds a way into my heart.

18.  I am available and willing to receive love.

19.  I seem to be drawing love connections into my life at an increasing rate.

20.  We both enjoy the benefits of shared respect, love, and trust.

Affirmations To Attract Love

21.  Love always originates from deep within me.

22.  Because I give love the utmost priority, it frequently appears in my life.

23.  Love follows me everywhere.

24.  I utilize my free will to love everyone and everything in this planet.

25.  Everyone on this planet has my love.

26.  I am ready for love.

27.  In every aspect of my life, I try to show love.

28.  I have the power of love, and I can feel safe and secure at any time in my life.

29.  Love is waiting for me.

30.  I love being cherished and loved by my wonderful, kind, and generous partner.

Love Manifestation Affirmations

31.  I keep falling more and more in love with my partner, thus I remarry my beloved every day.

32.  I am lovely and deserving of affection.

33.  Law of Attraction states is working wonderfully well for me to attract love into our life.

34.  Everywhere I walk, I experience love in sight, sound, taste, and smell.

35.  I adore the sensation of love.

36.  I think love, not conflict.

37.  All of my connections are secure, and I am free to give and accept love.

38.  By showing love to others, I brighten their day as much as mine.

39.  Since I am aware that love never boasts or brags, I constantly cultivate a spirit of genuine humility regarding the extent of love in my life.

40.  I am aware that true love exists, and that it is steadily approaching me.

Positive Love Affirmations

41.  I am surrounded by love and experience it many times over.

42.  People everywhere I go can clearly feel my love.

43.  I am attracted to love, and love is attracted to me.

44.  Love is always coming to me and going through me.

45.  I draw love like a magnet.

46.  I am so inundated with love!

47.  I allow love in.

48.  Both myself and people around me are loved.

49.  All of my friendships have their roots in love, therefore I know they will last forever.

50.  I acknowledge that I am valued and loved for who I truly am.

Soulmate Love Affirmations

51.  Every day, I joyously give and receive love.

52.  Right now, I am very blessed with love.

53.  Being loved is preferable to being loved.

54.  I am light and love.

55.  Even in the nasty statements of others, I sense love, thoughts and intentions.

56.  I deserve love, fortune, and joy.

57.  I am love; I see love; and I feel love.

58.  People’s love is immediately apparent to me. Whether I’m just meeting them or we’ve known each other forever.

59.  My beloved sweetheart joins me in every lovely interaction in my life.

60.  Love is ready to enter my heart.

Affirmations For Finding Love

61.  I pray to God to increase my capacity for love and to bring more love into my life.

62.  I am surrounded by people whose love I feel deeply.

63.  A person loves me back in proportion to how much I love them.

64.  I let the universe assist me in finding love.

65.  To be able to love and be loved so much is such a blessing.

66.  I let go of the past and open myself up to receiving love.

67.  Love is easy for me to share.

68.  I have little trouble forming love bonds with both new and old acquaintances.

69.  People frequently demonstrate their love for me.

70.  I let fresh kinds of love into my life every single day.

Love Affirmations For Him

71.  My primary fundamental principle of love guides all I do in life.

72.  Love follows me everywhere I go.

73.  I always include love in my day.

74.  I try to focus all of my actions on love and development.

75.  I make myself available to all kinds of love.

76.  A new love is entering my life, my soul mate.

77.  Love, passion, joy, and all the other wonderful things that life has to offer me are things I am worthy of and deserve.

78.  I am available for love.

79.  Both receiving and giving love is welcome in my heart.

80.  My heart is wide open to receive all the love that is present.

Love Affirmations For Her

81.  Having the ability to love means that I will always be content.

82.  I am the source of love.

83.  My divine inheritance is deep soul mate love, and I am calling it to me right now.

84.  I show love to everyone around me, and it abundantly returns to me.

85.  Love is with me wherever I go.

86.  I show love to others around me, and it abundantly returns to me.

87.  I constantly attract people that are devoted and in love.

88.  I never crave love because I am aware of what I lack when I do. So instead of seeking it, I offer it. I now have it as a result.

89.  In everything I do, I try to act out of love.

90.  Naturally, I find love wherever I go.

Affirmations For Attracting Love

91.  Love comes to me from unidentified places.

92.  I love in the same way that I want to be loved.

93.  I feel protected and loved in my devoted connection.

94.  My actions are all in harmony with the vibration of love.

95.  I am willing to experience more love in my life.

96.  More love enters my life as a result of my outstanding listening skills.

97.  I radiate love from within.

98.  I experience God’s love throughout the entire day.

99.  Since I am aware that being compassionate is never a sign of weakness, my acts are always motivated by love.

100.  I came to this planet to be a living example of love.

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