90 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations To Overcome Anxiety & Build Confidence And Self Esteem

solar plexus chakra affirmations

In this article, we will have a look at solar plexus chakra affirmations, but first let us look at what are chakras and specifically the solar plexus chakra.

The chakras are the seven energy wheels that are located throughout the body, beginning at the top of the head and working their way down the body to the base of the spine. If one of these wheels becomes blocked, it can have a negative impact on your overall health and wellbeing. When each chakra is functioning properly, it allows energy to flow through it.

The manipura chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra and sometimes referred to as the “navel chakra,” is the energy powerhouse of the body. It is the third chakra. It’s possible that when it gets clogged up, you’ll experience feelings of helplessness, stagnancy, or irritability.

The navel is the location of the third chakra, which is known as manipura. The word “Manipura” translates to “lustrous gem of the city,” and it is connected to the phenomenon of fire in addition to having a direct bearing on one’s sense of self. Due to the fact that it is associated with the colour yellow, it is related to fire and, more generally, the sun.

Imagine this chakra as the energy storage facility for your entire body. Your sense of self-worth, sense of purpose, personal identity, individual will, digestion, and metabolism are all connected to this energy centre. When consciousness is able to move freely in this centre, you will experience an increase in the transformative energy available to you.

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Solar Plexus Chakra Aligned

When the navel chakra is aligned in a healthy way, you will feel at ease with the power that is already within you, which will lead to a sense of personal empowerment. You will gain an understanding of who you are and the purpose behind your presence on this planet. When you establish a connection with your purpose, you gain a more in-depth comprehension of how you, as an individual, can make a contribution to the good of the group in a manner that is beneficial.

You are going to have to let go of the things that you depend on to define who you are, such as your job or the amount of money in your bank account. It’s possible that those things have value, but setting your sights too high on anything that’s ephemeral is a surefire way to set yourself up for disappointment. You have value that is inherent to you, and if you take the time to investigate it through practise, you will become less reliant on outside factors to determine your level of happiness.

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations To Overcome Anxiety

  1. My anxiety is under my control.

  2. I let go of anxiety and trust that this will also pass.

  3. Although anxiety might make me feel uneasy, my mind and body are under my control.

  4. I let go of my anxiety, tension, and stress.

  5. I no longer experience anxiety and lead a tranquil life.

  6. Everyone feels anxiety, so if I feel it sometimes, it is OK. I have nothing to worry about.

  7. I release all my tension and anxiety.

  8. I don’t have anxiety or depression; I just experience those things.

  9. I give thanks and praise to my anxiety for everything it has taught me and for enabling me to finally let go of it.

  10. I am open to trying new approaches to manage and treat my anxiety.

  11. I deal with my anxiety in the best way humanly possible.

  12. I am a warrior, and I have no fear of any anxiety.

  13. I don’t try to ignore my anxiety-related feelings since I know they are guiding me toward solutions and breakthroughs. This will also pass.

  14. I shall never be overcome by my anxiety.

  15. I keep meeting new people who are the best resources for advice on how to overcome anxiety and maintain that freedom.

  16. I firmly believe that my anxiety is fully gone.

  17. My anxiety is dissipating.

  18. I have been through anxiety before, and I will get through it this time too.

  19. My anxiety feelings are not given much power by me, so they have little to no influence over me.

  20. I am aware of what I must do to effectively get rid of my anxiety.

  21. The bonds of my anxiety are immediately broken, and I am free of them forever. I am totally stress-free.

  22. I think back on the lessons in life that anxiety has taught me because I know that I can now help others to be anxiety-free like I am now.

  23. I make the decision right now to let go of my sense of restriction and embrace my strong, unlimited, and anxiety-free nature.

  24. My life’s experiences with anxiety have helped me conquer the discomfort and assist others in doing the same. They have also helped me discover my life’s mission.

  25. I welcome tranquilly of mind and let go of any worry or anxiety.

  26. My feelings of love and thankfulness naturally take the place of my worry and anxiety.

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations To Build Confidence And Self Esteem

  1. I have the courage and confidence to venture outside of my comfort zone.

  2. I have confidence in my skills and abilities.

  3. I am invincible in my confidence.

  4. I make decisions with confidence, and I act on them.

  5. My level of confidence is limitless.

  6. When I venture outside of my comfort zone, my confidence increases.

  7. I am aware of my intense affection, and this knowledge gives me confidence in my own life.

  8. I exude charisma, assurance, and confidence.

  9. I have complete confidence in my skills and abilities.

  10. In any circumstance, I have a strong sense of high self-worth and confidence.

  11. Every day, my confidence in my relationship grows.

  12. I give my kids confidence by setting a good example.

  13. I promote self-confidence in others.

  14. I consistently chose confidence, and I am happy and comfortable with my life.

  15. Being strong, certain, and full of confidence is just how I typically live my life.

  16. I can state with confidence that I improve every day in every aspect of my life.

  17. My confidence is something I strive for everyday, and it keeps growing.

  18. I see my value as a person, and my confidence is growing.

  19. Confidence is internal to me.

  20. Natural confidence comes to me.

  21. I act with a great deal of confidence and persistence, and there is no stopping me.

  22. My natural state is one of confidence.

  23. I always have confidence and am a winner in life.

  24. I deserve to have strong self-confidence.

  25. I have confidence in my skills and in myself.

  26. My default mentality is one of confidence.

  27. I am always guided and given directions by confidence.

  28. Every day, my confidence grows.

  29. My life is filled with genuine confidence, and I feel fantastic as I fulfill my goals.

  30. Because I always act with confidence, life adores me.

  31. I always have enormous quantities of confidence inside of me; I only have to look.

  32. I have the confidence I need to have in myself since I am self-assured.

  33. I have great confidence in myself.

  34. I can feel confidence coursing through me.

  35. My level of confidence is through the roof.

  36. I have confidence in how I live.

  37. I maintain my confidence every day, and nothing can slow me down or stop me.

  38. I am delighted that confidence accompanies me every day.

  39. My outgoing and strong nature emanates confidence.

  40. My steps are followed by confidence.

  41. I can take initiative and live life to the fullest because I have confidence.

  42. I have a lot of wonderful attributes, and one of them is confidence.

  43. I have the self-confidence to attempt and give it a shot, thus I can accomplish anything I want to.

  44. I have the necessary confidence to take on life head-on.

  45. My confidence rests on me, so I make the decision to act and live with confidence.

  46. My actions are guided by confidence, and I feel strong.

  47. Being confidence comes naturally to me because I was born with it.

  48. I possess the confidence I require.

  49. I am a person full of confidence.

  50. I am gaining confidence in stepping outside of my comfort zone.

  51. I have the confidence necessary to pursue my dreams, so I am ready to do it.

  52. I have confidence in my skills.

  53. I have the confidence to forge my own course and pursue my goals.

  54. For me, having confidence is second nature.

  55. I am capable of having confidence.

  56. I make decisions with confidence and act on them.

  57. I always have the option to choose confidence, and I do so every day.

  58. Regardless of the situation, I can maintain my confidence.

  59. My middle name is confidence.

  60. I have unwavering confidence.

  61. My confidence is increasing every day.

  62. I just have a way of speaking my opinion with confidence.

  63. For me, having confidence in myself comes easy.

  64. I have confidence in my skills and can easily express who I really am.

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