111 Wealth Affirmations To Attract Money And Abundance

wealth affirmations

Try to visualise a future in which you have more than enough of what you require, more than enough savings, fulfil other financial objectives, or whatever that may look like for you as you work on taking care of your financial self. Does it seem impossible? Wealth affirmations can assist you in developing a vision for your financial life, which can then be translated into concrete financial objectives. This “more than enough” is exactly what you should be focusing on while using wealth affirmations.

Concept Of Law Of Attraction

The premise behind the Law of Attraction is that you bring into your life whatever it is that you focus on.

There are, in fact, some notable deviations from this rule. There are some bad things that just always end up occurring. There are certain structural obstacles that must be overcome, which will make it more difficult.

However, the most important part of the concept is to concentrate on the goals that you have for the future. And this includes the goals you have for your personal financial situation.

This law is translated into a notion that is used in financial counselling and essentially argues that before you can establish objectives to reach the life you want your current financial condition to support, you need to be able to see the life you want your current financial status to support.

Why Your Mentality Regarding Wealth And Money Is So Important?

This is the point at which I invariably run into trouble with folks. Because they are so preoccupied with the negative events that are occurring right now, it is difficult for them to even entertain the possibility of a positive change occurring in their financial circumstances in the future. And the conviction that they do not merit anything more favourable.

They let themselves get so preoccupied with what their thoughts tell them about money that they never even make an effort to improve their financial situation because they are convinced that they are incapable of doing it. But as you’ll see in the following section, thinking that you can do something is an essential part of the process.

It takes consistent effort over time to change or break old behaviours. Although it would be good to believe the illusion that 21 days of practise will alter anything, the reality is that change requires regular practise and commitment over a period of time.

This could suggest that it takes more than 21 days to complete.

If you are serious about altering the way you think about money, choose a couple of your favourite wealth affirmations from this list and make it a point to put them into practise on a daily basis.

Wealth Affirmations

1.     All of my pals are wealthy and prosperous.

2.     Being wealthy comes easily to me.

3.     Being wealthy makes me feel wonderful.

4.     I have wealth, power, and I improve the world.

5.     I have no trouble visualizing having unlimited wealth.

6.     Many people are appreciative of my prosperity and wealth.

7.     My life is being flooded with wealth.

8.     Being wealthy offers me the ability to significantly improve the lives of countless others in the world.

9.     My activities bring about a wealth of riches.

10.  I am appreciative of my wealth and achievements.

11.  I am drawn to wealth.

12.  Being wealthy is a characteristic of who I am.

13.  Because I am wealthy, I can live out my dreams.

14.  I am appreciative of the wealth I possess.

15.  Being so wealthy feels spectacular to me.

Money Affirmations For Wealth And Prosperity

16.  I draw wealth to myself.

17.  I get more wealthy the more I donate.

18.  I know I am wealthy.

19.  I am appreciative of the wealth I own internally.

20.  I am continually absorbing wealth energy.

21.  I am currently receiving a lot of wealth.

22.  Perfect wealth is the reality I choose.

23.  I take wealth in. Every breath I take makes the wealth all around me more apparent.

24.  With the wealth I have, I try to help other people.

25.  I am constantly being given new opportunities to attract wealth.

26.  I have a tonne of ideas for attracting wealth.

27.  I get wealthy the more I contribute.

28.  My wealth enables me to assist others.

29.  My birthright is to be wealthy.

30.  The Universe is my source of wealth.

Positive Affirmations For Success And Wealth

31.  All facets of my existence are nourished and healed by wealth.

32.  Constant wealth, prosperity, and abundance are produced by my deeds.

33.  Success, wealth, and joy come naturally to me.

34.  I am removing all mental obstacles to my wealth abundance.

35.  I have an abundance of wealth.

36.  I collaborate with the universe to achieve wealth.

37.  I am appreciative of all the joy my wealth has given me.

38.  Possessing wealth is advantageous.

39.  My wealth is something I make for myself.

40.  I ought to be very wealthy.

41.  As I devote more of myself to helping the world, my wealth keeps growing.

42.  I am affluent and draw wealth from all sides because I am a wealthy person.

43.  I am becoming more at ease with the prospect of being extremely wealthy every day.

44.  I have easy access to wealth and money.

45.  Since I know that my riches can benefit others, I continue to amass wealth.

46.  I consistently vibrate in a wealthy frequency.

47.  My way of life is extremely wealthy and opulent.

48.  My natural state is one of wealth.

49.  I renounce any unfavourable associations I may have with money, wealth, prosperity, or abundance.

50.  I am who I am because of my wealth.

I Am Wealthy Affirmations

51.  In my life, the wealth of the universe is flooding to me in avalanches of fortune.

52.  I am generating endless wealth.

53.  Whatever I put out, I know will come back to me in rivers of wealth.

54.  I am deserving of wealth.

55.  Everything I do increases my wealth.

56.  I deserve to be extremely wealthy.

57.  Every day, wealth is all around me.

58.  I am wealthy, and I draw cash in from all sides.

59.  I have an unending supply of wealth thanks to the universe.

60.  My birthright and inherent status is wealth.

61.  I gain wealth in a moral and beneficial manner.

62.  I have more than enough wealth thanks to the great divine.

63.  With my wealth, I achieve tremendous things.

64.  I draw wealth to me like a magnet.

65.  I am constantly surrounded by wealth.

66.  People praise my prosperity and wealth.

67.  I am wealthy.

68.  My frequency is in harmony with the vibration of untold wealth.

69.  I feel wealthy and have earned it in my life.

70.  I am wealthy beyond measure.

Wealth And Success Affirmations

71.  I am appreciative of all the wealth that has come into my life.

72.  I have wealth, health, and happiness.

73.  My birthright is to have wealth and riches.

74.  I am wealthy because of my abilities and diligence, and I am appreciative of it.

75.  I am aware of every life secret that can make me wealthy.

76.  I accept an endless supply of money and wealth into my life.

77.  I can become wealthy if others can.

78.  I think everybody can become wealthy, including myself.

79.  My goal is to get wealthy.

80.  I consent to and accept unanticipated wealth.

81.  I have the intelligence to acquire and hold wealth.

82.  I have the impression of being really wealthy.

83.  My wealth and richness are supported by my thoughts.

84.  I have a right to wealth.

85.  My acts bring wealth.

86.  I have plenty of wealth in my life.

87.  I choose to hang out with wealthy-thinking individuals because I become what I am exposed to.

88.  I am appreciative of my wealth.

89.  Financially, I am wealthy.

90.  I easily apply the law of attraction to my quest for wealth.

Affirmations For Wealth

91.  I acquire my wealth in moral, upstanding, and beneficial methods.

92.  I pledge to be wealthy. I will bring it about.

93.  I keep drawing into my life people who can assist me increase my wealth.

94.  With my vast wealth, I can benefit the entire planet.

95.  I promise to only interact with people who help me become wealthy.

96.  I am abounding, prosperous, worthy, and wealthy.

97.  I can’t wait to use my boundless wealth to benefit others.

98.  People are pleased to see how wealthy I have become.

99.  To become wealthy and financially independent, I will take any necessary and moral steps.

100.  In any condition, I can get wealthy.

101.  Creating wealth comes naturally to me.

102.  Because I get what I bless in return, I bless the wealthy instead of judging them.

103.  Every day, I imagine being wealthy.

104.  I am not impoverished; I have modest wealth at the moment.

105.  It feels good to be wealthy.

106.  I should be wealthy.

107.  I can get wealthy if anyone else can.

108.  I gain wealth in several different ways.

109.  I am sure that God wants me to be wealthy.

110.  My wealth is increasing rapidly.

111.  I adore the thought of becoming wealthy.

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