I am Kunal Om and welcome to my website.

I must say that meditation has truly helped me change my life. Until lockdown, I tried various methods of meditation but wasn’t successful in mastering any of them. Then lockdown happened, and I started saving a lot on my travel time. So during lockdown, I read plenty of books on meditation, yoga, mindfulness and self help. Here is a pic of all the books I read in almost a year’s time 🙂

Finally, through a lot of reading, I set myself in the right direction and started with a few minutes of meditation daily. Gradually, I could sit in meditation longer, and I began witnessing subtle changes in myself. I became more mindful throughout the day. Meditation develops more awareness, and one gains better control over the responses to situations. This gave me the opportunity to overcome my negative tendencies, like anger, indiscipline, laziness, and lack of empathy towards others.

As one advances on the path of meditation and mindfulness, it also becomes imperative to take care of your body. To sit longer in meditation, one needs to be physically fit. So I even read a few books on wellness and breathing exercises, and starting practicing them into my life.

Books I read

After 2 years of reading and practicing, I felt the need to share my experiences with others, so that they too can benefit. So here is this blogging website, where I share my experiences and tips on Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Self Transformation, Improving Relations with others, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness and Spirituality.

I hope my blogs prove to be beneficial to you as much as they have benefited me.


Kunal Om

Welcome Readers

Hello, I am Kunal Om and welcome to my website. 

After having practiced Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Mindfulness, Self-Transformation & Wellness, I started this blogging website to share my experiences and tips with others.  

Hope you find the articles to be useful in your journey called ‘Life’.


Kunal Om


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