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  • Many of the practices you find here have proved beneficial for me.However, I do not have control over the practices you do or how you do them. If you are following a practice, do additional reading and learning yourself.

I am not responsible for the outcome of any practice you try from this website, inspirationandmore.com. You may not always have the same results I do, due to variations in abilities and level of practice.

I am not a certified yoga practitioner, doctor or nutritionist. I have no medical training at all. The information I share is based on my own experiences and information I learn from my own research and listening to speakers.

The statements contained in this website or blogs have not been evaluated by any third party. Any products mentioned on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a doctor or your health care provider before altering your routine or diet in any way.

  • This website in no way provides any warranty, express or implied, towards the content in this website.It is the reader’s responsibility to determine the value and quality of any suggestions or instructions provided for the practices. The practices presented are intended for entertainment and/or informational purposes and for use by persons having appropriate technical skill, at their own discretion and risk.

In other words:

While I compile and perform the practices at my own risk, I assume that should you desire to follow the exercises in this blog, you are doing so “at your own risk.” I am not liable, not responsible and do not assume obligation for:

    • Adverse effect of any practice
    • Misinterpreted practice

I make no warranties for the outcome of your practices.

You are fully responsible for any actions you take and any consequences that occur as a result of anything you read on this website.

This website shall not be liable for adverse effects or any other outcome resulting from the practices or recommendations on the Website or actions you take as a result. Any action you take is strictly at your own risk.

Welcome Readers

Hello, I am Kunal Om and welcome to my website. 

After having practiced Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Mindfulness, Self-Transformation & Wellness, I started this blogging website to share my experiences and tips with others.  

Hope you find the articles to be useful in your journey called ‘Life’.


Kunal Om


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