71 Confidence Affirmations To Boost Your Self Esteem

confidence affirmations

There are those days when you simply need a little boost. The weather, sleeping on the wrong side of the bed, or that awful thing your coworker said can all be held responsible. But you don’t have to let unfavourable ideas control you, your disposition, or the course of your day. I have put up a collection of healthy confidence affirmations for you to bookmark, screenshot, or write down so you can always refer to them when you need a boost of confidence.

Choose one or more confidence affirmations and put it in your planner.  You may also keep a running list on your phone to go to when you need inspiration. Finally, repeat the one that speaks to you the most often!

What Exactly Are Affirmations You May Ask?

Affirmations are statements that you say to yourself either out loud, in your head, while writing them down, or while listening to them. You can also write them down and listen to them. It is possible to reframe your thoughts so that they are more positive by using something called positive affirmations. I want to encourage you not to use positive affirmations as a crutch to gloss over the fact that you are having negative thoughts and days even though they are very powerful. Both are essential for human existence, and the phenomenon of toxic positivity is a very real one. The practise of continually instilling positive affirmations in one’s mind can be considered a contributor to toxic thinking.

Confidence Affirmations — Do they work?

Yes…but also no. They are effective in the sense that you can persuade yourself of new truths, or in this case, that you are confident, through repeated exposure to the information. Your brain isn’t always able to tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t, which means that it’s sometimes possible to teach yourself that these things (also known as confidence) are true! But keep in mind that the affirmations are only one component of what you require; otherwise, things would be too straightforward. The true secret lies in taking action based on them.

When beliefs are attached to mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression, they are ineffective in treating those conditions. If this is the case, then no amount of practise will be able to assist you in completely letting go of old ways of thinking and behaviours. At this point, it is strongly suggested that you seek assistance from a third party, such as a therapist.

Simply focus on paying close attention to how you are sensation. If you feel better, awesome, keep going! There is no point in forcing yourself into a worse mental space than you already are in, so if you notice that your condition is deteriorating more and more, you should seek professional assistance and stop using affirmations.

Advice For Putting Your Confidence Affirmations Into Practice

Do you believe that you are too busy for positive confidence affirmations or that you require a set routine in order to practise them? Nope. Here are the most important things I’ve learned about practising them.

While standing in front of the mirror

It takes a lot of courage to look yourself in the eye and speak positively to yourself aloud, but the payoff is well worth it. Looking yourself in the eye is a very powerful technique. You shouldn’t feel like you have to keep this in plain sight in front of your mirror at home. To get yourself amped up, try it out in the restroom at your place of employment (you can say them to yourself while you’re there) or in the mirror of your vehicle.

As a component of the practise of keeping a journal

Some people find that writing down their confidence affirmations gives them a stronger sense of their own power. When it comes to writing affirmations in a journal, my top piece of advice is to trust your instincts. What do you have planned for the day ahead? Make use of the affirmations that are provided below as a source of inspiration; however, tuning into how you feel and writing down your own affirmations is an excellent way to boost your confidence.

Repeat, repeat & repeat again

Repeating confidence affirmations to oneself over and over again is necessary for them to have any effect. I am aware that it is straightforward, but it is also potent. When you have them as a regular part of your routine, which is something I highly recommend doing in the beginning, this can be much simpler (a great way to remember to do them is to attach it to a routine already, like brushing your teeth). After that, however, you’ll begin to recognise the times when you need to give yourself a confidence boost, and you may even find that you’re repeating these phrases to yourself in your head while you’re out doing the grocery shopping.

Confidence Affirmations

I have found that many confidence affirmations that begin with “I am” just don’t feel true to me, and no amount of repetition can make me feel like they are. Because of this, I prefer to use affirmations with wording that allows you to build off of rather than immediately jumping into them. The important thing to remember about affirmations is that you have to believe them, even if only a little bit. There is no point in harping on the same ones if you are in no way close to believing the statement, and then feeling like shite when you continue to not believe it. Repeating the same ones is pointless.

1.     Writing success stories takes time, but I am confident that I am creating something unique.

2.     I am most powerful when I take chances. I am confident that taking action will always be to my advantage, whether through new triumphs or development due to increased knowledge and connections.

3.     I am confident that I will achieve greatness.

4.     I am confident in my capacity to achieve big things.

5.     I am confident that the sacrifices I am making will contribute to my success in the future.

6.     I can do this because I am strong and confident.

7.     I am confident that I have enough of cash.

8.     I have the freedom to enthusiastically and confidently pursue my goals.

9.     I am confident that I am capable of achieving financial independence.

10.  I am confident that the friend I need, will show up just when I need them.

Self Confidence Affirmations

11.  I am confident from birth.

12.  I am always confident when I voice my ideas and opinions.

13.  I am confident and I have everything I need.

14.  I am confidently and bravely pursuing my life’s purpose.

15.  As I go toward my objectives and aspirations, I feel confident in myself.

16.  I spend all of my time acting confidently. I am quite confident within.

17.  I am assured that I possess the required attributes and competencies. I’m a confident person by nature.

18.  I am determined to maintain my confidence. I am in charge of my own self-confidence, and I make the decision to be confident every day.

19.  I display many forms of confidence every day. I find confidence every day, and I keep growing more confident.

20.  I feel confident about myself.

Self Confidence Positive Affirmations

21.  I am a confident person.

22.  It is my birthright to be confident.

23.  Every day, I feel more and more confident in myself.

24.  I tell myself I am brave, confident, smart, and brilliant.

25.  I am incredibly confident that I can handle every situation, face it, and overcome it.

26.  I always remain confident in myself no matter what I do.

27.  I am really confident in myself.

28.  I am confidently getting closer to success.

29.  Whatever challenges I encounter in life, I persevere and remain confident.

30.  I feel more confident every day in all aspects of my life.

Affirmations For Confidence

31.  I act with confidence because I feel confident. I always act with confidence.

32.  I can look life in the eye with assurance because I am fearless, amazing, and strong. I am confident and true to myself.

33.  Because I am confident, I take action in the direction of my objectives.

34.  I feel confident when I wake up.

35.  I am completely confident in the choices I have made.

36.  I am confident in my abilities.

37.  I confidently establish boundaries.

38.  I am confident that I will overcome this because I have the strength to do it.

39.  I am confidently making progress.

40.  Even while I strive for greater achievement, better joy, and personal improvement in my life, I am content, successful, and confident.

Daily Affirmations For Confidence

41.  I am confident that if I look for solutions, I’ll discover them.

42.  I cherish my journey and am confident that it will result in anxiety-free person.

43.  I am confident that I can get through any emotion because I am stronger than everything this life may hurl at me.

44.  I have a good outlook because I am confident that I will lead a peaceful, contented life.

45.  I don’t worry about the future because I am confident that I have what it takes to build a prosperous and happy future.

46.  I am confident that if anyone in the world has overcome what I have, then so can I.

47.  I am more at ease, confident, and optimistic.

48.  I am confident and full of hope for the future.

49.  I believe in myself and am confident that I am a deserving individual who is respected by others.

50.  I simply let rid of my eating habits centered around unhealthy foods once I notice how eating poorly makes me feel unconfident about myself.

Affirmations About Confidence

51.  I am confident that I can accomplish everything I set my mind to.

52.  I navigate this environment with complete acceptance of my physical state, confident that the tides are turning in my favor.

53.  I am confident that miracles will happen in my life to entirely cure me.

54.  I am confident that wisdom helps me make the best choice.

55.  I regularly experience powerful, secure, and confident feelings, and I have all I need to enjoy a fantastic day.

56.  I am confident that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.

57.  I am confident that everything will go well.

58.  I am currently feeling calm and confident.

59.  I am confident in my abilities to improve conditions everywhere I go.

60.  When I concentrate on the good aspects of my life, I feel passionate, confident, and empowered.

Positive Affirmations For Confidence

61.  I am confident that I will keep earning increasing sums of money.

62.  I am confident that I can succeed if others can.

63.  I am confident that my gut will lead me in the right course at all times.

64.  Because the Divine Light within me always shines brightly, I am confident that my light shines.

65.  I am confident in the choices I make.

66.  I am confident I can complete my task.

67.  I am confident that I can learn important lessons from every experience.

68.  I am confident that something positive will occur.

69.  My objectives are obvious to me, and I am confident that I can achieve them.

70.  No matter what, I am confident in my abilities to achieve my dreams.

71.  I can be humble and confident at the same time.

Here are some pins on confidence affirmations which you can readily use.


Affirmations first thing in the morning have a great many advantages. You have the ability to begin each day with a constructive mindset and the energy to tackle your objectives. Confidence affirmations are statements that are repeated to oneself with the intention of altering one’s perspective in order to increase one’s capacity for taking positive action. You have the ability to reframe your negative thoughts and beliefs into more constructive ones.

Affirmations said first thing in the morning can also improve how you see the world and how you see yourself. You can put some of these confidence affirmations into practise right now. Always keep in mind to incorporate self-affirming positive statements into your morning routine, and don’t forget to be patient with yourself.

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