How To Use Affirmations To Change Your Mindset

Affirmations help to change your mindset

I never believed in affirmations and perhaps that is the reason they never worked for me, when I tried them in the past. But ever since I started meditating, there have been subtle changes in me and the way I think and perceive things.

As I read more and more, I came across multiple authors who mention affirmations to overcome negative thoughts and to replace the negative mindset with a positive one. So I started testing and trying them out. And all that I can say now is ‘They work’.

But in the process of changing my mindset, I learned 2 things:

  • Be selective in the affirmations. Not all affirmations work for everyone, and the primary reason is we all are at different stages of life and have different situations (perhaps even problems) in life. So what might work for someone at a point in time may not necessarily work for the other. The advice here is to go through a series of affirmations, and pick the ones which resonate with you.

  • Timing is important. Affirmations work when the mind wants to listen to them. So if you are very restless or anxious, they will not work. The mind will outrightly reject them, even calling them to be shit. The reason is, when we are restless, there are too many thoughts already going in the mind, which makes it difficult for the mind to listen.

    So, the best time to use affirmations is when you are relaxed. And you will see the effect of them next time when you are stressed. I use them when I go for a morning walk on the beach or when I go for an evening walk in the garden. For me, it’s the best time when the mind is receptive.

My Affirmations

So here are a few affirmations, which I like and often use. As I mentioned, be selective. You might even consider searching for more affirmations from other sources, but do try them. They work!

Transcendence And Knowing Your True Self

  • I am the Soul, that which is the source of all creation

  • I am the eternal and purest of the pure

  • I am the form of immeasurable bliss

  • I am beyond this body and the mind

Accepting Self

  • I am doing the right thing and putting in the best of my efforts

  • The universe is helping me and guiding me in every step that I take

  • I am at peace

  • I am contended with whatever I have in my life


  • I am loving, and people love me equally

  • I see divinity in everyone

  • I love myself, and I naturally attract loving relationships in my life

  • People are good at heart and I am letting go ill feelings towards them

  • I feel a deep sense of kindness and compassion towards others since they are just a part of me

Welcome Readers

Hello, I am Kunal Om and welcome to my website. 

After having practiced  Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-Transformation, and witnessing positive changes in my life, I started this blogging website to inspire, motivate and help others.  

Hope you find the articles on my website to be useful in your journey called ‘Life’.


Kunal Om


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