Change: Should You Resist It Or Accept It?

Change: Resist It Or Accept It?

From conception through death, life is the consequence of many transformations. Be it a romance, profession, or anything else. Change is a given and is equated with progress and existence.

The way we live today is the outcome of nomadic peoples accepting change. They provided us with an example of how to accept a change in order to live. Therefore, resisting it simply causes pain.

Although change is inevitable, only we have the power to alter our own behaviour. Therefore, we need to allow events to unfold in a way that is realistic and natural for both us and others.

Why Do We Resist Change?

No one wants to lose the comfort we have grown so accustomed to. We are wary of risk and shifting circumstances because:

  • We become incredibly at ease in the present environment

  • We worry about failure

  • We are wary of the unknown as we transition to a new tomorrow

  • We are stuck in the may or may not category

For instance, we would hesitate before accepting an offer from a reputable company. We consider all the choices circling through our minds. There are so many things that constantly flood our minds that make it difficult to accept change.

  • The organisation and those connected to it are unknown to us.

  • We are afraid of making a mistake and falling flat on our faces.

  • We are apprehensive about learning a new system and adjusting to it.

When faced with a choice between the two, we frequently pass up the chance and forget the adage that “change can be beneficial and refreshing.” Change is unavoidable and encourages us to discover our hidden skills and abilities.

It’s Better To Welcome The Change

We should make room for new chances, rather than being resistant to change. We can create a healthy environment by balancing the two ends and enthusiastically welcoming the recent shift.

The simplest strategy for surviving is to ride the wind. While trees that attempt to stand upright are uprooted, those that budge downward in the face of the storm survive. We cannot alter the entire world on our own, and if we do not adapt, we will be left out in the mob. So it’s better to alter our perspective and relish the change.

Accept The Inevitable

We can’t control some things, unfortunately. Similar to how we can’t resist the changing climate and we just change our behaviour to fit it, we should apply the same principle to our life.

Never worry or be irritated if something is not going the way you want it to. Pray, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, bravery to change the things I can change, and wisdom to know the difference,” and you will eventually become acclimated to the new change if you are patient. This will increase your inner strength to accept what is unavoidable.

Everything we perceive with our eyes, including life and the universe, is continually changing. Accepting change is necessary if we want to live and enjoy life. Keep in mind that if you are unwilling to embrace change, you cannot advance.

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