Tough Situations Don’t Last, Tough People Do

Tough Situations Don’t Last, Tough People Do

Poor people have common problems, rich people have peculiar problems

I recently started attending an online book reading club, wherein people interact with each other, share their views on a particular topic and, at the end, give insights from the book, which they are currently reading. Yesterday, the topic was ‘Tough Situations Don’t Last, Tough People Do’. While I did not contribute my opinions, I actively listened to others and made a few notes. I found a lot of useful and varied viewpoints. So I compiled the same and thought of sharing.

The benefit of such a session is that since a single person isn’t talking, we don’t get a narrow version. Instead, as many people express their viewpoints, we tend to get a broader perspective on the topic.

Here are the varied perspectives:

Problems Are Relative

One view was that problems are relative. Let’s say someone loses $100. For person A, it may be a tiny amount and he will not even be concerned, while for person B, it may mean a sizeable amount and cause a lot of distress.

Optimistic Or Pessimistic

There are 2 categories of people. Category A are the set of people who are always optimistic, and when faced with any problem, they are ready to tackle it. They don‘t question, “Why me”. Whereas the category B comprises people who are always pessimistic and when a problem arises, they are absolutely dejected and question “Why me”.

Failure As A Learning

There are also people who might fail when a problem is given to them, but they seek it as an opportunity to learn. Later, they evaluate the problem and their approach towards it, learn from their mistakes, and aim to improvise.

Be Humble, Not Egoistic

Last, it is mostly observed that toughest people are the most humble. They could have been egoistic at some point in time, but the challenges helped to shape them, chisel away the ego, and the refined version is an extremely humble person.

Let me know your views on this topic! Will be glad to hear them.

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