Water – Can It Have A Healing Effect On You?

Water Healing

The earth comprises 70% water, and so does the human body. Is it a mere coincidence or there is some science to this? Can water have a healing effect on us?

Let’s explore.

We know that water is an essential element of life and vital to all living things. We humans too can survive for weeks without food, but only for two-four days without water.

If we look at the properties of water, it is malleable, i.e. it always adapts to the surrounding. It doesn’t matter in what form it’s in – ice, the shape of a glass, or the vast ocean. It adapts to anything and everything.

Water And Its Structure In Snowflakes

The structure of water molecules has always fascinated me. If we consider snowflakes, then every snowflake is different, because water molecules are structurally different in snowflakes. The diverse structures of water have been the subject of many studies and experiments. There are many theories that have been put forth to explain the phenomenon, but none have yet been proven conclusively to be true. The most popular theory is that when the water freezes, it forms a hexagonal shape. Hydrogen atoms are on the outside of the hexagon and oxygen atom on the inside. The symmetric structure of water molecules in a snowflake, and the diverse structures of water molecules across all snowflakes, suggests that water is both simple and complicated.

Water Molecules in Snowflake
Image depicting a few structures found in snowflakes

Water And Its Effects On Our Body

Some of the scientific research on water helps us understand why water therapy benefits are so great. Water helps to cleanse the body naturally. It contains many minerals which help in maintaining a healthy immune system and also help in detoxification process by removing toxins from our system. The constant pressure of water activates cell regeneration, which improves mood, reduces anxiety levels and increases alertness. Water has a lot of benefits on the human body, such as hydration, antioxidant properties, improving skin conditions, etc.

This suggests that water, although simple and abundantly available, is yet so much powerful.

Research On Water As A Receptor

I read Dr. Masuru Emoto’s book titled ‘The True Power of Water’, wherein he mentions about his unique experiments on water, when water is exposed to destructive and constructive thoughts. He conducted an experiment on lake Biwa, which is the largest lake in Japan. Every summer, a non- native algae would grow and lead to a foul smell. Dr. Emoto treated the lake water with the power of Hado, which is basically the subtle energy existing in the universe. He projected positive thoughts and thus positive energy, which resulted in a reduction in algae by as much as 90%.

He also did many experiments wherein he treated water with positive and negative words and later he photographed the structure of frozen water. His findings suggest that the structure changes after the positive and negative treatment. When positive words or statements are used, water has shown to exhibit well formed and pleasing structures, whereas with negative statements there was no noticeable pattern. If negative words can have such an impact on water, isn’t it imperative to be mindful of the words we choose in our lives?

How Water Can Create A Healing Effect On Us

The way we communicate with water can affect the way it functions in our body and thus contribute to our wellness.

Here are the two practices which I do daily:

  1. Energize my first sip of water. I use affirmations and positive words to energize my first glass of water for the day. Not an elaborate process, just a quick one, and the activity is done in less than a minute.

    For this, you can hold the glass of water in your hand and say, “The water is full of energy. May it cleanse and heal every cell in my body”. You can compose any affirmative statement which works for you, but the central idea is to pay respect to the water and include a few self healing words.

  2. Bless the water before taking the shower. In India, we consider the rivers to be very sacred, for water causes all life on earth. So I name a few sacred rivers and ask the universe to purify the water, with the same purity as the rivers. Here too, you can frame any statements which resonate with you, but the idea is to purify the water, and thus the mind and the body.

There is another activity, which is mentioned in Dr. Masuru Emoto’s book. You can write a few positive words on a piece of paper, like “Love”, “Gratitude”, “Being Kind”, “Positive”, and then wrap it around your water bottle (preferably glass bottle) with the writing facing towards the water. Let the paper be wrapped on this bottle every day, so as and when you refill the bottle, the water will be energized.

I too tried this activity for a few days, but when the water bottle was washed, so did the writing :-).

These simple activities in the day, which possibly take less than 5 minutes, can create a positive and healing effect on our mind and body. I understand it’s difficult to quantify the effect, but after doing the above two activities for a few months now, I naturally feel more connected with water.

Are you ready to use the same for your well-being?


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