100 Affirmations For Happiness To Bring Joy To Your Life

affirmations for happiness

Find pleasure and joy with the help of these 100 positive affirmations for happiness, which are detailed in this post. These affirmations are meant to serve two purposes: first, to assist you in cultivating an attitude of genuine joy and gratitude; and second, to serve as a reminder that you are always worthy of enduring happiness and abundance, regardless of the circumstances.

Affirmations For Happiness

1.     I am surrounded by happiness.

2.     I always follow happiness everywhere I go.

3.     I am astonished by how wonderful I feel in my own body and overjoyed with the course my life is taking.

4.     One of my top basic values is happiness, and I make decisions based on how they would help me reach the state of total fulfillment.

5.     I seem to draw love and happiness everywhere I go.

6.     Happiness is a state of being, not an end point. I am therefore constantly moving forward and never satisfied with my current state of bliss.

7.     I am enjoying the best version of my life right now. Every day brings me more joy.

8.     Together, my partner and I are pursuing happiness, which strengthens our bond and improves our relationship.

9.     I firmly think that everything I encounter in life brings me closer to happiness and the unchanging truth.

10.  I am flooded with joy.

11.  Every interaction I have on a daily basis is filled with joy and love.

12.  I am proud of how hard I have worked to achieve my level of happiness.

13.  I think about and pray about happiness, which makes me happier and more content overall.

14.  My life is simple and joyful, so I will go with the flow.

15.  My degrees of happiness are all my responsibility.

Positive Affirmations For Happiness

16.  I only attract joyful, upbeat people into my life.

17.  I admire those who are joyful and enquire after their methods of happiness.

18.  I decide to be joyful no matter what I look like or how I feel.

19.  I am allowing myself to feel good today so that I can live a joyful, optimistic day.

20.  I am more motivated to pursue happiness for the rest of my life the more I am aware of how happy I am.

21.  In my quest for happiness, I lose myself and discover myself in the process.

22.  Every day, I prefer happiness to all other feelings.

23.  All of the people I know and come in contact with are made happier by my happiness.

24.  I am enveloped in love and joy for all people.

25.  God encourages me in my everyday pursuit of happiness and wants me to be happy.

26.  Even when I am not joyful, I still adore myself.

27.  My happiness comes naturally.

28.  I am aware that my happiness is a product of who I become rather than what I get in life.

29.  Because I am aware that happiness and solutions can be found in simplicity, I don’t try to make my life more complicated.

30.  Anything that can make me feel more joyful and alive and engage in those behaviors is not judged by me.

Happiness Affirmations

31.  My contagious happiness makes everyone around me happy, which makes me more happier.

32.  I radiate joy from every single pore of mine.

33.  I find it simple to be joyful all day long.

34.  I am being led to a lot of joy.

35.  My only knowledge and pursuits are joy and love. The rest of it is alien to me.

36.  I am content, joyful and healthy.

37.  In all of my experiences, I am utterly thrilled and joyful.

38.  I am at ease, joyful, and satisfied.

39.  My life is primarily driven by love and happiness.

40.  I permit myself to experience joy and contentment.

41.  I am entitled to joy and contentment.

42.  Happiness is my personal, internal experience.

43.  To me, happiness and being joyful comes naturally and without effort.

44.  Directly, I enjoy bad emotions and thoughts. It causes them to fade away and returns me to my happy state.

45.  I take happiness from those around me and absorb it.

Happy Affirmations

46.  If I continue looking within for happiness, I will undoubtedly find it because what I seek, I shall find.

47.  All day long, I am filled with the calm and joy that comes from loving others.

48.  With each step I take on my journey, I spread joy.

49.  My happiness grows as I become more and more loving.

50.  I chose happiness because I know there is nothing worse than living an unhappy existence.

51.  Naturally, my intuition guides me toward the actions that will help me achieve and maintain happiness.

52.  My life is a joyous one.

53.  I adore the fact that joy may be shared and received without cost.

54.  I enjoy observing other people’s joy.

55.  Happiness and tranquilly are natural emotions for me.

56.  I have entire love for myself since this is what true happiness is.

57.  Life supports me; I let go and permit happiness for myself.

58.  I promise to be joyful and happy every day.

59.  I don’t make conditions worse than they already are so that my happiness isn’t hampered.

60.  My heart is open to kindness, love, and the ecstasy of sincere happiness.

61.  I enjoy making others laugh and am very active in my sense of humor.

62.  I will be set free by the truth, which is that I am an unbounded being with a core made of love and joy.

Happy Friday Affirmations

63.  I research happiness like it’s a subject I must pass to graduate from, so I discover new solutions for how I might achieve total bliss.

64.  Every day, the heavens give me more and more joy.

65.  I don’t stay in a bad mood for very long. I let myself experience it and think about it. I then return to feeling joyful.

66.  I only have joyful dreams.

67.  By choosing happiness, I can be the best version of myself.

68.  Wherever I go, I am available to receive love, kindness, and happiness.

69.  I only engage in activities in life that increase my happiness.

70.  I am always and forever in a total state of joy.

71.  I frequently have intense feelings of joy and optimism.

72.  I exhibit traits such as unconditional acceptance, lifelong curiosity, and unbridled joy and vigor.

73.  I release all anger and calmly accept the joy that comes in its place.

74.  I am aware that my level of happiness increases when I work more on myself and pursue personal development.

75.  Since I am in control of my emotions, I am also in control of my happiness.

76.  I define what is meant by the word “happiness,” not anyone else.

77.  I feel really terrific and joyful when I live a life that is consistent with my ideals and values.

78.  Since my body is my temple and I can’t optimize my happiness if I am not feeling well, I regularly detoxify both my mind and body.

79.  I put my happiness ahead of revenge or trying to win arguments.

80.  I am confident that I currently possess everything I require to feel joy and peace.

81.  I make decisions based on what will be best for my happiness and health.

82.  I will have joy in my life.

83.  Giving thanks to the people I love when I wake up each morning makes me joyful.

Happiness Positive Affirmations

84.  I am appreciative of everyone in my life who shares their joy with me.

85.  I am aware that mental peace enables me to experience my true nature of joy.

86.  I constantly remind myself that my goal is to be joyful throughout the day.

87.  I only ever have optimism and happiness when I look ahead.

88.  Anytime I decide to, I have the ability to increase my level of happiness.

89.  I enjoy interacting with new people and do so with confidence and enthusiasm.

90.  Both happiness and I are in love.

91.  I chose to be joyful today because I deserve to.

92.  I have joyful eyes when I look at the environment.

93.  I am never unwilling to consider opportunities that might increase my happiness.

94.  My personality exudes joy to the world, and the world returns the joy to me.

95.  My entire being is filled with happiness, like a lovely, calm stream.

96.  I swap out poor behaviors for positive ones that increase my happiness and prosperity.

97.  I will be remembered for how joyful I was and how joyful I made others.

98.  I am blessed and unique, and I am overjoyed by this.

99.  I have the ability to transcend unpleasant emotions at any time and exchange them for complete joy and euphoria.

100.  Love, peace, and happiness are all around me.

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