101 Money Affirmations To Attract Wealth And For Financial Abundance

money affirmations

Money affirmations, also known as money mantras, are short sentences that encourage you to visualise a future in which you have an abundance of money by having you repeat simple thoughts over and over again. When performed on a consistent basis, money affirmations have the potential to improve your sense of self-worth by prompting inward reflection on your most important principles.

These money affirmations can help you develop your resilience and change your belief system, regardless of whether you have recently found yourself in a difficult financial situation, feel unable to accomplish your money goals, or struggle with your financial literacy. As a result, you will be in a position to act positively in order to enhance the quality of your financial life.

Affirmations have been shown to improve people’s overall well-being by making them more receptive to making behavioural changes, according to research that was led by Christopher Cascio and published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

How Do Affirmations Work?

So, how exactly can you change your behaviour with the help of money affirmations?

Your beliefs have a direct influence on the feelings that you experience. Your actions will be determined by how you are feeling.

By breaking the pattern of negative or limiting beliefs in our minds through the repetition of positive affirmations, we are able to break the cycle of negative thought cycles.

When we are able to modify our internal dialogue, our beliefs can begin to shift, and we will begin to experience a more positive attitude toward money.

These upbeat attitudes toward monetary matters instil the self-assurance necessary to alter one’s patterns of behaviour and take decisive steps toward a more secure financial future.

According to the principle known as the law of attraction, our thoughts are responsible for creating our realities.

The modification of people’s core beliefs is at the heart of the law of attraction, which states that people attract more of what they focus on in their lives. According to this theory, the first step in the process of achieving the life you want is to visualise that life in its entirety, and that must include your financial situation.

How To Use Money Affirmations?

The key is to practise over and over again. It takes consistent effort over time to alter the fundamental beliefs you have about a topic, and it takes even longer for those beliefs to influence your feelings and, ultimately, your actions.

Your current financial situation does not necessarily need to reflect the mantras you recite to yourself about money, and in many cases, they do not. A belief that a particular outcome, such as earning a substantial amount of money, is within one’s reach is what is meant by the term “money affirmations.” These assertions represent a truth that you are working toward attaining in the near future.

Choose one or two mantras from the list below that most resonate with you and make them your personal mantras. Find affirmations that make you feel something, whether they make you feel inspired or frustrated. Then, use the digital downloads to set a money affirmation as the background of your phone as a reminder to keep saying them over and over again.

Cascio made the discovery that repeating affirmations improves “self-processing, valuation, and systems when reflecting on future-oriented core values.” This means that by successfully repeating these statements, we can shift our perception of the future.

Money Affirmations

1.     All day long, money is drawn to me.

2.     I have a magnetic ability to draw money.

3.     This year, I will earn more money than ever before.

4.     I have mastered the art of earning money while dozing off.

5.     I have loads of money.

6.     There is a limitless supply of money.

7.     Money comes my way easily.

8.     I feel at ease with possessing a lot of money.

9.     I receive money in both anticipated and unforeseen ways.

10.  I have more than enough money to fulfill my ambitions.

Money Manifestation Affirmations

11.  I attract money in my dreams.

12.  I am appreciative of the numerous ways in which money is coming to me.

13.  Money just sort of lands in my lap.

14.  Money flows smoothly along with whatever I accomplish.

15.  I spend my money on what is best for everyone.

16.  All around me, there is money.

17.  Money comes to me effortlessly and with ease.

18.  Money is so simple to get.

19.  Because I keep getting paid more money, every day is wonderful.

20.  My awareness of money is constantly growing.

Affirmations For Money

21.  I have plenty of money.

22.  I have access to plenty of money.

23.  My problems with money are all resolved.

24.  I am receiving large sums of money in increasing amounts.

25.  Every day I wake up, I have plenty of money.

26.  I make an incredible amount of money doing what I enjoy.

27.  Money is formed in my imagination and is pure energy.

28.  I always have more than enough money to cover my expenses.

29.  Money and I are drawn to one another like magnets.

30.  I make more money than I could have ever imagined.

Affirmations About Money

31.  It’s simple to find money.

32.  Opportunities and experiences in my life are enhanced by money.

33.  Money always comes freely to me.

34.  Money comes into my life in large and free amounts.

35.  My money grows on its own.

36.  Money is always stuffed into my wallet.

37.  I spend my money wisely.

38.  I am in love with money.

39.  I have more money than I could ever imagine.

40.  I am appreciative that I have a lot of money in my bank account.

Attract Money Affirmations

41.  I am adjusting to the thought of having money.

42.  I relinquish any contention with money.

43.  Money pours through me like water.

44.  I have no restrictions on how much money I can make.

45.  Money keeps coming into my life.

46.  I deserve money.

47.  I naturally attract money.

48.  I have opportunity to make money every day.

49.  Every day, my imagination generates money for me.

50.  I draw enormous sums of money to myself.

Money Affirmations That Work

51.  My money is under my control.

52.  I have great money management skills.

53.  I expel all bad energy related to money.

54.  Money plays a significant role in my life and is always with me.

55.  I always make room in my life for additional money.

56.  I enjoy giving money to people that are in need.

57.  I dropped all resentment against money.

58.  Money is always being given to me.

59.  I bring in more money than I can handle.

60.  I would be happy to have an endless supply of money and income.

Positive Affirmations For Money

61.  There is never a shortage of money for me.

62.  I manage my money well.

63.  I have a strong relationship with money.

64.  I can sense the vibration of money.

65.  My closest friend is money.

66.  I desire and deserve money.

67.  Money comes to me from all directions.

68.  My company makes more money than my demands and those of my family.

69.  I am appreciative that I have easy access to money.

70.  Money is my heavenly aid in pursuing my life’s purpose.

Law Of Attraction Money Affirmations

71.  My source of happiness and satisfaction is money.

72.  I let money come into my life naturally.

73.  I adore the upbeat feeling money brings.

74.  I have a lot of money, and I naturally have money.

75.  Money keeps coming into my life due to the power of my imagination.

76.  I frequently get money that I didn’t expect.

77.  The flood of enormous money is unceasing.

78.  Every day, money is printed for me.

79.  Money has a beneficial effect on my life.

80.  Having a lot of money makes things comfortable.

Money Abundance Affirmations

81.  I always have more money than I need.

82.  Money is coming into my life in a variety of ways that are in harmony.

83.  Money is continually coming to me from the universe.

84.  I am open and sensitive to everything that life has to offer in terms of money.

85.  My thoughts are constantly seeing and drawing in more money.

86.  I am unified with the energy of money and prosperity.

87.  I can live a life I enjoy thanks to money.

88.  I always have enough money for myself.

89.  I am attracting and saving more money every day.

90.  Making money benefits everyone in my life, including myself.

Vision Board Money Affirmations

91.  I am appreciative that the universe has given me an endless amount of money.

92.  I have access to an infinite source of money thanks to the universe.

93.  Every day I make loads of money.

94.  I have more than enough money to take care of my needs as well as the needs of the people in my life.

95.  I am a money-making machine because I love money and money loves me.

96.  I bring in more money than I use.

97.  I feel happy and optimistic when I receive large sums of money.

98.  I have a lot of money in my bank account.

99.  It’s simple to attract money.

100.  Money has allowed my greater self to emerge.

101. Every minute I am drawn to money.

How To Make Your Money Affirmations More Personal

Even though preexisting money mantras can be helpful, it is far more beneficial to craft your own money affirmation because it is more tailored to your particular requirements and, as a result, has a more potent effect on your thoughts and beliefs.

When developing your mantras, it is important to keep in mind the components that make up effective affirmations.

Your statements of intention should:

  • Be concise

  • Concentrate on your own introspection.

  • Focus on the years to come.

  • Have a distinct result in mind.

You can create personalised money affirmations that will serve your highest self by printing out this worksheet that guides you step-by-step through the process.

Step 1: Be still and think. Spend some time writing in a journal and reflecting on your achievements, the most difficult challenges, and the goals you have for your finances.

Step 2: Refine. Look back through your past entries in the journal to identify recurring themes or particular aspects that evoke powerful emotions, whether they are positive or negative. Using no more than six words, explain the purpose, the idea, or the feeling.

Step 3: Repeat. Find a single statement that you can make using your refined reflection that fills you with a sense of both power and energy, jot it down, and then try to repeat it as often as you can. Include gentle reminders that you will see throughout your day so that you can practise when you wake up, as you are getting ready, when you are enjoying your meals, when you need a little extra boost, and before you go to bed at night.

It is possible to apply mantras to any and all aspects of your life in order to cultivate a powerful and positive belief system. While affirming these thoughts about money over and over again can help you change your mindset about money, you also need to take action on these thoughts. It is not sufficient to merely assert that you are deserving of having more money; rather, you must actively seek out the opportunities to create abundance in your life, such as a loan that is fair from a financial perspective.

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