100 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety Relief And To Calm Your Mind

positive affirmations for anxiety

While others are dependent on the gig economy, others who have jobs put in longer hours, frequently without overtime pay or benefits. People are bearing the burdens of these changes as they occur in economics, geopolitics, society, and culture. Positive affirmations for anxiety can alter your perspective so that you can move forward and combat anxiety.

As a planet, we are more interconnected than ever, and residing in a world of technological wonders has its drawbacks. There is an easy approach to unwind your body and mind if you are having trouble keeping a serene disposition in daily life.

It may seem too simple to assure yourself that everything will be fine, yet affirmations do exactly that. Affirmations are supported by a wealth of scientific research, and you can use them to reduce stress and boost self-esteem.

What Is Anxiety, Exactly?

It is today recognised as a probable behavioural disease with detrimental physical, mental, and emotional effects, despite earlier being thought of as a healthy mood or response to environmental stimuli.

Anxiety, sometimes known as the “fight or flight” reaction, can result in rapid heartbeat, sweating, trembling, uneasiness, fear, apprehension, worry, and enhanced sensitivity to the environment.

Anxiety is not the same as feeling anxious before a big event like a wedding, flight, or public presentation. Anxiety can result in a disorder that can have an adverse effect on a person’s life if it is not treated or identified. How, therefore, should anxiety be managed? How can anxiety, dread, and tension be released?

Many people find that yoga, mindfulness, and meditation help reduce their anxiety.

Another strategy for dealing with triggers and stress is to use affirmations.

How Positive Affirmations For Anxiety Can Help

You must be kind to yourself when you’re feeling anxious. It can be difficult to fight off negative thoughts when you’re suffering from the aftereffects of a horrible anxiety day. You could feel like your own harshest critic during those times. Positive affirmations for anxiety can help you change your perspective so you can proceed.

Affirmations should be brief, uncomplicated, and in the present tense. For instance, you might be beginning to feel the symptoms of a panic attack. You can repeat phrases like “I feel grounded right now” or “I feel calmer with each breath I take.” Consider these affirmations as useful techniques for overcoming your worries under pressure.

I’ve found that keeping an affirmation track in my journal significantly reduces my stress. Before the day is through, I like to record encouraging quotes in my journal.

Additionally, they come in quite handy when you’re in a panic. It was critical at that time to keep the statement straightforward. Just focus on your breath and repeat these sentences. You will feel better gradually but steadily.

Affirmations For Anxiety

1.     I have a lot of helpful friends who are encouraging.

2.     I have been through this before, and I can do it again.

3.     I am aware that I am a flawed human being and that perfection is not required of me.

4.     I am able to move over my perceived boundaries.

5.     I am radiant with beauty.

6.     I am capable of overcoming my anxiety.

7.     I will be alright, I promise.

8.     I can convey my suffering.

9.     I am in good health.

10.  I enjoy my life and am thankful for many things.

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

11.  I will reframe my negative thoughts to be more optimistic.

12.  My heart is overflowing with pleasure, love, and serenity.

13.  I feel at ease in social settings.

14.  My fear is not who I am.

15.  In every lesson or difficulty, I look for a message.

16.  I don’t have any fear.

17.  I won’t let anxiety defeat me.

18.  In spite of any fear, I am prepared to take action.

19.  My body is at ease.

20.  Fighting for my life is worthwhile.

Social Anxiety Affirmations

21.  I am appreciative of who I am.

22.  I really enjoy small conversations. I’ve got a tonne of fascinating stuff to say.

23.  I don’t have to complete tasks flawlessly. Excellence and perfection are not the same thing.

24.  I won’t worry about stuff I can’t control today.

25.  There is a lot I want to say.

26.  My obstacles have taught me how to develop and progress.

27.  I am going to enjoy where I am at today.

28.  I respect my authority.

29.  It’s simple to meet new people.

30.  I have gone a long way, and I am going to keep going.

Powerful Daily Affirmations For Anxiety

31.  I have the ability to decide what’s best for me.

32.  I am secure.

33.  I have faith in life’s course.

34.  Every day, I grow and learn.

35.  I am unstoppable.

36.  I try to live a positive life.

37.  I will never give up.

38.  I completely accept who I am.

39.  My objectives are reachable.

40.  In my physique, I feel at ease.

Anxiety Affirmations

41.  I exhale tension as I inhale relaxation.

42.  My friends adore me. I am able to let go of what others may think of me.

43.  I am not going to give my worry-filled thoughts any influence.

44.  I am a dependable buddy and associate.

45.  I cast off any self-doubt.

46.  Having limits and saying no are acceptable.

47.  I recognize my own attractiveness.

48.  My Inadequacies are not my flaws.

49.  I do not evaluate myself.

50.  I am reminded that I am made of divine light and love when I feel alive in my body.

Short Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

51.  I am smart and intelligent.

52.  With each deep breath I take, my level of serenity increases.

53.  The life I desire is attainable.

54.  I make the decision to be in the here and now.

55.  Despite my occasional rage, I am a very loving person.

56.  My joyful thoughts contribute to the wellbeing of my body.

57.  I promise to be nice, patient, and respectful toward myself.

58.  I am making changes to my life to make it happier.

59.  I am good at handling social settings.

60.  I am calming down every area of my body.

Self Affirmations For Anxiety

61.  I deserve to be loved and happy.

62.  I have talent. I have succeeded.

63.  I will be able to get through this.

64.  Everything that holds me back is gone.

65.  I enjoy difficulties because they bring out the best in me.

66.  I have a lot to offer and am gifted.

67.  My life belongs to me.

68.  A holy gift from life is today.

69.  I put the past behind me and make place for fresh, fantastic experiences.

70.  I feel peaceful.

Daily Affirmations For Anxiety

71.  I am in charge right now.

72.  I have a perfect affection for myself. My goals are worth the fight.

73.  Everywhere I go, I feel love.

74.  Instead of worrying, I put my energy into pursuing my values.

75.  Panic symptoms are fading from my body.

76.  I am a fighter.

77.  I have faith in my capacity to endure adversity.

78.  I draw good and decent individuals into my life.

79.  I am living boldly right now.

80.  I look out for myself.

Affirmation For Anxiety

81.  I actively look for my life’s purpose.

82.  I am ready to take on any challenge that life has to offer.

83.  I like making people laugh.

84.  I spend time with positive people all the time.

85.  I exhale all of my fear while breathing in assurance.

86.  I exhale fear while breathing in strength.

87.  My anxiousness is currently reducing.

88.  All my feelings and emotions are acknowledged.

89.  It is okay for me to defend myself.

90.  Fear is merely an emotion and I will go past it.

Affirmations For Anxiety And Depression

91.  Meeting new individuals is simple.

92.  I am at ease and relaxed.

93.  I have endured difficult situations previously and come out on the other side. I won’t break under this.

94.  I am releasing tension from my life.

95.  Many individuals wouldn’t even dare to try, but I am proud of myself for doing so.

96.  My top priority is to be happy.

97.  I feel serene on the inside.

98.  I accept my faults since they help me become a better person.

99.  I have the ability to alter things.

100.  I will make big strides by taking baby measures.


As demonstrated by these examples, positive affirmations for anxiety can be utilised by men, women, kids, and teenagers to manage trauma in practically any situation.

Although affirmations are effective, they do not provide a quick fix. They demand the practitioner’s dedication, time, and patience. A daily commitment to saying and reading the affirmations of choice is required.

The ability to recognise negative ideas as soon as they arise is crucial for overall mental, emotional, and physical health. Once you become aware of the thinking, change it as soon as you can. Transform the negative into a positive tone.

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