81 Healing Affirmations For Inner Peace And Blissful Living

healing affirmations

Are you aware of how significant the role of healing affirmations can be?

The inability of many of us to let go of the hurtful events and wounds of the past is what keeps us from being able to experience pure love and peace within ourselves. There is no need for us to argue with the facts.

The process of healing and the journey of overcoming physical and emotional pains becomes easier if you begin by accepting the way things are. Acceptance is the first step toward healing.

Affirmations designed to heal make you feel better and change who you are. Let me tell you how quickly I was able to mend my body, mind, and soul with the help of inspirational quotes about self-healing.

My journey of learning to love and care for myself properly began on that very day, and I have come a long way since then. Because of this, I was able to forgive not only myself but also those who had wronged me.

The first step toward shattering stereotypes and bringing about a complete paradigm shift is to practise healing affirmations.

What Is An Affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement of truth that one endeavours to incorporate into his or her way of living over time. It has been said that we are the product of the food that we consume. A more accurate statement would be, “We are what we think about.” Because our minds far more accurately express and also shape the reality of who and what we are than our bodies ever could. Even the state of our bodies is affected to some degree by the thoughts that we think.

There is no such thing as accidental advancement in this life. Ever. A sportsman has to put in a lot of work to become proficient in the skills he needs, such as being able to throw a ball, ski down a challenging slope, or jump the furthest possible distance. And a pianist needs to put in at least as much effort to learn how to control the movements of his fingers so that he can play the most complex musical passages with ease.

Even the act of living is an art form. Sadly, it is an area in which the vast majority of people invest very little effort. They don’t question the way life unfolds for them and then wonder why things keep going wrong.

How Healing Affirmations Help ?

Words, which are just thoughts that have been crystallised, have an incredible amount of power, especially when we speak them with complete focus. The mere anticipation of feeling tired is enough to deplete our strength. The addition of the words “I’m exhausted” to that thought lends definition to the thought itself, which in turn lends the thought itself additional power.

Furthermore, the opposite is also true. If someone is worn out, but all of a sudden becomes interested in something new, it’s possible that their tiredness will go away completely! One is the product of their own thoughts. If, in addition to this sudden interest, he verbalises it with the words, “I feel wonderful!,” he may find that, rather than only feeling vaguely better, he actually feels as though he had acquired a new self-definition. This is because the words “I feel wonderful!” are emphasising how good he feels.

The fact that our routines are rooted so deeply in the subconscious presents a challenge. Therefore, even when we make the decision to change them, we find that we are drawn back repeatedly, and quite against our conscious will, into old ways of doing things.

Healing affirmations, on the other hand, have the ability to change us on levels of the mind over which the majority of us have very little conscious control when they are repeated with intense concentration before being carried into the subconscious.

What we think makes up who we are, but there is much more to who we are than just what we consciously think. We are the myriad of conflicting patterns of feeling, habit, and reaction that we have built up over the course of a lifetime — indeed, over the course of lifetimes — in our subconscious minds. These patterns have been with us since the beginning of time. In order for us to heal, we need to first resolve the conflicts that lie within ourselves.

Even affirming change on both the conscious and subconscious levels is not sufficient on its own. Because we are a part of a much larger reality, it is imperative that we also live in harmony with this reality. The divine consciousness exists in the background of our human minds.

When we put all of our focus on changing ourselves through our own efforts alone, we restrict our capacity for growth and healing. The practise of affirmation needs to be brought out of the self-contained realm of the mind and into the expansive reality of super-consciousness.

To “be rid of an imperfection” is what it means to be healed. To express the super-conscious, which is where originality and problem-solving come from, is what it means to be perfect. As a result, when we use healing affirmations, we focus on positive qualities that are the solutions to our diseases and imperfections.

This level of awareness, which is frequently referred to as the higher Self, is referred to as the super-conscious. For example, the most profound insights can be gleaned from this level of consideration. The super-conscious is the conduit through which divine guidance is communicated and genuine healing is accomplished. Affirmations, like any other merely human attempt at self-upliftment, have only temporary benefits in the absence of super-conscious attunement.

Reciting affirmations in such a way that brings one closer to a state of super-consciousness is the best way to use them. This is something that they are capable of accomplishing if we repeat them with intense concentration at the Third eye centre, which is a point in the human body located in the middle of the forehead between the two eyebrows. This is the seat of divine awareness in the human body.

How To Use Healing Affirmations For Our Benefit?

At first, it’s important for us to say healing affirmations out loud so that you can get the complete attention of your conscious mind. Then, repeat them to yourself in a low voice in order to take in the significance of the words more completely. Then utter them in a low, hushed voice to allow their significance to penetrate deeper into your mind. Repeating them in your head will help you retain more of the information at the level of your subconscious mind. Then, at long last, with ever-increasing fervour, repeat them at the centre of Christ’s presence.

Repeat them several times at each level while immersing yourself ever more deeply in the meaning of what they are saying.

Your awareness of any quality that you want to develop can be strengthened, and then later spiritualized, through the practise of repeated affirmation.

The practise of healing affirmations is just the first step on the path to self-healing. We must do our human part. However, without God’s supplemental power, our efforts will remain unfulfilled, no matter how hard we try. To put it another way, the affirmation should be followed by prayer.

Why is it that one should only pray after they have repeated the healing affirmations? Why not in the past? Prayer is unquestionably beneficial at all times. But if it is not uttered with an affirmative consciousness, it can easily become weak and beggarly: a plea that God does all the work without man’s active participation. Prayer that is effective is never a passive activity. It is replete with confidence. It develops into a state of affirmation as it matures.

It is helpful to first affirm a new quality in order to become established in that quality. The sequence that I have described should be followed. After that, however, present that affirmation to God in the form of a loving prayer.

When we are most in tune with God and when our attitudes toward him are most upbeat, He is able to assist us in the most profound ways. Our cooperation with His grace becomes fully open, willing, and super-consciously aware as a result of divine attunement, which simultaneously reduces the amount of resistance we offer.

Healing Affirmations

1.     I try not to bring up the past and I heal my past.

2.     I can completely heal my body by eating well.

3.     I am aware that God’s consciousness flows through me and has the power and desire to instantaneously heal me.

4.     Since I can heal myself so easily, I am a teacher of healing.

5.     I make room for myself to heal in my sadness.

6.     My motto is always and forever to heal and regenerate.

7.     I trust God to heal me because I know He has my best interests at heart.

8.     I consider emotional healing as a gradual process, just like a wound takes time to heal physically.

9.     I automatically carry out the strategies that my physicians and I have created to help me heal perfectly.

10.  I am in amazement of how effortlessly and organically I can heal my body.

Affirmations For Healing

11.  I am confident that the angels are on my side and are helping me heal completely.

12.  The force of the universe is inside of me and it wants to heal me immediately.

13.  My dreams give me even more fresh approaches and suggestions on how to completely heal myself.

14.  I fully accept responsibility for my health and healing, giving myself full authority to heal myself.

15.  I instinctively gravitate toward books and movies that outline precisely how I should heal my body.

16.  My DNA has good health in it. I owe it to myself to live this life in a way that supports the acts and choices that will fully and completely heal and restore me.

17.  I am a chosen one; the universe chooses to heal me so that I might encourage and assist in the healing of others.

18.  Through the strength of my faith, I have the ability to heal every area of my body, mind, and spirit at any time.

19.  Even though I don’t now feel deserving, I know in my heart that I am. I am deserving of love, forgiveness, and healing.

20.  I am deserving of healing.

Affirmations For Self Love And Healing

21.  Each physician who treats me is a healing hand.

22.  My body is currently undergoing healing. My life is healed by self-love.

23.  The healing that is taking place in my body makes me happy.

24.  My body is capable of healing itself.

25.  I am willing to accept healing energy.

26.  I find the best healing treatments for me with the help of my inner guidance.

27.  My body is healing because I choose to think uplifting ideas.

28.  I am given incredible healing abilities by the universe.

29.  I am thankful for my body and all of its amazing healing abilities.

30.  I am grateful for my body’s quick healing process.

Positive Affirmations For Healing

31.  Every day, I draw healing energy.

32.  I am embracing my body and encouraging its healing.

33.  Every time I breathe in, healing energy fills my body.

34.  I receive healing from a strong divine light.

35.  I am grateful for self-healing.

36.  All throughout my life, I generate healing energy.

37.  Positive thoughts are assisting in my healing.

38.  In my life, I am generating healing energy.

39.  Everywhere I go, healing energy surrounds me.

40.  My healing is being aided by the universe.

Healing Affirmation

41.  Healing energy is flowing throughout my body.

42.  I constantly pour healing energy on my body.

43.  I let go of old pain so that healing energy can enter my life.

44.  I am able to easily identify all the qualities I value about myself, which helps to align my energy with a healing-friendly state.

45.  I receive healing energy from strangers, friends, and relatives.

46.  I have a strong connection to the universe’s countless sources of healing energy.

47.  Each internal experience I have is a messenger of healing.

48.  I appreciate how quiet and healing nighttime is.

49.  My body, spirit, and mind are all healing.

50.  Healing happens with each step I take.

Affirmation For Healing

51.  Healing is currently taking place in my body.

52.  I can live the life I have always wanted and exactly how I want to because of my perfect health and healing.

53.  Through love, I draw those who can aid in my healing.

54.  Daily healing and optimum health are my meditation topics.

55.  I am crafting my own story of total healing every day in a way that promotes a lovely conclusion that sees me fully recovered and in excellent health.

56.  My friends and family are fully committed to help me in healing.

57.  I have made the decision to dedicate my life to healing, and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

58.  My plans for healing go far beyond what I can possibly imagine.

59.  I make the decision to devote my entire life to healing.

60.  I adore my digestive system and am confident that it is fostering a peaceful healing environment in my body.

Scientific Healing Affirmations

61.  I give my body the power of love in order to hasten my healing.

62.  Every day, I give evidence of my commitment to the perfection of healing.

63.  I turn inward and make a connection with the part of myself that is capable of healing.

64.  My capacity for healing is always apparent.

65.  Now, I am deeply healing.

66.  I have no trouble when it comes to healing.

67.  It is because of my healing path that I experience perfect happiness and enlightenment.

68.  I welcome every method of healing my body.

69.  Every time I consider my healing, I have empowering ideas.

70.  My body and mind are capable of healing itself, and they do so every minute of every day.

Daily Healing Affirmations

71.  My difficulties are advancing my healing for a higher good.

72.  Millions of people have been affected by my healing tale.

73.  I am enthusiastic about wellness and use it every day to facilitate complete and effective healing.

74.  I don’t set a deadline for my healing since I am aware that the cosmos is capable of giving me relief right away.

75.  I am now letting my body’s intelligence carry out its natural healing process.

76.  As I go through the healing process, I am kind to myself.

77.  My life is heavily influenced by healing.

78.  My mind and body can rest into a state of healing and enjoyment because I can easily engage in soothing habits.

79.  I am aware that my body is perfectly capable of healing itself.

80.  As I move through the healing process, money possibilities come my way, enabling me to purchase items that hasten the healing process.

81.  My internal vibration is just the right pitch for healing.

Here are some pins on healing affirmations which you can readily use.

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