Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verses

bhagavad gita chapter 15

This article contains the verses from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15.

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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15

Shri Krishna


Sages talk about the unchanging Ashvattha tree, which has its taproot at the top and its branches at the bottom. On this tree, the scriptures are written; by seeing where they come from, one can understand their core.


This tree receives its nourishment from the Gunas, which allows its branches to spread both horizontally and vertically. Sense objects develop into buds on the limbs, and the roots that hang down bind us to taking action in this world.


The true form of this tree, including its essence, beginning, and end, cannot be perceived on this earth in its natural state. Use the shrewd axe of detachment to bring down this tree with its deep roots.


After that, locate the route that does not double back on itself. Find that, which is known as the First Cause, which was the origin of the universe a very long time ago.


Those who are wise do not allow pride to mislead them, they are free from the attachments and desires of their own egos; they transcend the idea that pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin, and they never lose sight of the fact that they are moving toward an eternal goal.


The light that already exists cannot be improved upon by the sun, the moon, or fire. Those who enter this, which is my supreme abode, do not reappear in the world of separate existences after leaving.


A part of me that has existed from the beginning of time makes its way into the world, bringing with it the capabilities of action and perception, as well as a mind made of Prakriti.


The divine Self takes these with it whenever it enters or exits a body, just as the wind carries a scent from one location to another.


The enjoyment of sense objects can be had by the Self through the use of the mind, ears, eyes, and nose, as well as the senses of taste and touch.


Those who are misled cannot see the Self either when it is outside of the body or when it is present within the body. They do not perceive the Self as having pleasure in sense objects or as acting through the Gunas. On the other hand, those who have the wisdom eye can see.


Those who embark on the yoga path with unwavering dedication can glimpse the Self that resides within. Those who are thoughtless and make an imperfect effort are not successful.


The splendour of the sun, which illuminates the entire world, the splendour of the moon, and the splendour of fire are all manifestations of my glory.


One drop of my energy allows me to enter the earth and provide support for all living things. All plants receive their sustenance from me through the medium of the moon, which is the carrier of the fluid that gives life.


I travel into the bodies of breathing creatures and reside there as the breath that sustains life. I am the fire in the stomach that breaks down every single nutrient.


I am the one who enters every heart and bestows upon them the ability to remember and comprehend, and it is also I who revokes that ability. I am the author of all the scriptures, and I am also the wisdom contained within them.


In this world, there are two orders of being: the ephemeral and distinct creature, on the one hand, and the eternal spirit on the other.


However, beyond these, there is another, known as the supreme Self or the eternal Lord, who permeates the entirety of the cosmos in order to provide it with internal support.


I am that supreme Self, which is praised throughout the scriptures for being beyond both the changing and the unchanging.


Those who see the supreme Self within me have seen the truth. They have discovered me, Arjun, the one who is the fount of all knowledge, and they worship me with all their might.


Arjun, I have conveyed to you this extremely important reality. Those who comprehend it will develop wisdom, and they will have accomplished all that is necessary to be accomplished.

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