Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10 Verses

bhagavad gita chapter 10

This article contains the verses from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10.

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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10

Shri Krishna


Continue to listen, Arjuna, as I impart my supreme teaching, which I know brings you much pleasure. I will continue telling you more because I care about your wellbeing, O mighty warrior.


Neither the gods nor the sages are aware of my beginnings because I am the origin from which the gods and the sages emerge.


Whoever knows me as the Lord of all creation, without birth or beginning, knows the truth and frees himself from all evil. I am without birth or beginning.


Discrimination, wisdom, understanding, forgiveness, truth, self-control, and mental tranquilly; pleasure and pain, birth and death, fear and courage, honour and dishonour; pleasure and pain, birth and death, honour and dishonour; nonviolence, charity, equanimity, contentment, and perseverance in spiritual disciplines are some of the different qualities that can be found in living creatures, and all of these qualities have their origin in me.


My mind is where the seven great sages and the four ancient ancestors originated, and it was through them that they gained my power. They were the progenitors of all the creatures that inhabit this world.


Whoever comprehends my power and the enigma that is contained within my manifestations will, without a doubt, be brought into union with me.


I am the primordial ancestor from which all living things originate. Those who are wise keep this in mind and worship me with adoration and reverence.


Their entire consciousness is ingested into me, and all of their life force makes its way to me. They are happy and fulfilled as a result of teaching one another and constantly talking about me.


I give spiritual wisdom to those who remain steadfast in love and devotion in order for them to be able to come to me.


Motivated by compassion, I put an end to the gloom caused by their ignorance. I ignite the lamp of wisdom from within them, and I drive out every trace of darkness from their lives.



You are the highest form of Brahman, the highest abode, the supreme purifier, the self-illuminating eternal spirit, the first among the gods, unborn and infinite.


The great sages and seers, including Narada, Asita, Devala, and Vyasa, have praised you in this manner; now you have acknowledged this to me on your own accord.


Now, O Krishna, I believe that everything you have told me is the truth, as it is revealed in the divine scriptures. Nobody, not even the gods or the demons, can fathom what you really are, O Lord.


You, O supreme spirit, are the only one who truly understands yourself. You are the origin of all that is and the ruler over each and every living thing; you are the God of gods and the Lord of the entire universe.


Please describe all of your divine qualities to me in as much detail as possible. Please enlighten me on the glorious things that you have done to fill the universe.


You, Krishna, are the greatest yoga master in the universe. Please instruct me on the best way to meditate so that I can maintain a continuous awareness of you. How should I meditate on you, both in terms of the things I do and the ways I do them?


O Krishna, you have the power to move people’s hearts; please enlighten me regarding your characteristics and your abilities. I never get tired of listening to your ageless words.

Shri Krishna


Arjuna, all right, I will explain to you the divine powers that I possess. I will only discuss the most glorious of them because there is an infinite number of them.


You, Arjuna, have found me to be the true Self that resides in the centre of every living thing, as well as the beginning, the middle, and the end of their existence.


Among the gods who shine, I am Vishnu. Among the luminaries, I am the sun. Among the gods who cause storms, I am Marichi. In the night sky, I am the moon.


I am known as the Sama Veda among the other books, and I am known as Indra among the other gods. When it comes to the five senses, I am the mind, but when it comes to living things, I am consciousness.


Among the Rudras I am Shankara. In the pantheon of spirits that inhabit the natural world, I am known as Kubera, the god of wealth, and Pavaka, the fire that cleanses. Among mountains I am Meru.


I am known as Brihaspati among the priests, and I am known as Skanda among the military leaders. I am the ocean in the hierarchy of water bodies.


I am known as Bhrigu among the great sages, and the syllable Om among the words. I am the recitation of the holy name, and the Himalayas are my place of residence among the mountains.


Chitraratha is my name among the gandharvas, who are the celestial musicians. Among the trees, I am the Ashvattha, which is the sacred fig. Among divine seers, I am Narada, and among sages, I am Kapila.


I was born from the nectar of immortality as the horse that existed before all others and as the noble elephant that served Indra. I am the most powerful of all human beings.


I am the lightning bolt of the weapon world. I am Kamadhenu, the cow that makes one’s every wish come true. I am Kandarpa, the power of sex, and I am Vasuki, the king of snakes.


I am Ananta, the cosmic serpent, and Varuna, the god of water; among the illustrious ancestors, I am Aryaman. I, Yama, the god of death, am one of the forces that hold everything in check.


When it comes to animals, I am the lion, and when it comes to birds, I am the Garuda eagle. My name is Prahlada, and I was born among the demons. Out of everything that can be measured, I am time.


When it comes to cleansing forces, I am the wind; when it comes to warriors, I am Rama. I am the crocodile when it comes to aquatic animals, and the Ganges when it comes to rivers.


I am the first, the last, and everything in between in the creation process. I am the science of self-knowledge, and I am logic in the minds of those who argue. Of all the sciences, I am the science of self-knowledge.


In the world of letters, I am the letter A; in the world of grammatical compounds, I am the dvandva. I am the sustainer of all time and its infinite expanse, and my face can be seen everywhere.


I am death, the one thing that triumphs over everything else, and the origin of all beings who have not yet been born. I am fame, beauty, perfect speech, memory, intelligence, loyalty, and forgiveness; these are all feminine qualities. I am also intelligence.


I am known as the Brihat among the hymns of the Sama Veda, and the Gayatri is my place among the poetic metres. I am the first month of the year, Margashirsha, and I am the beginning of spring. Spring is the season that gives birth to flowers.


I am the risk that every gambler takes, and I am the light that illuminates everything else. I am the action; I am the triumph, and I am the goodness that comes from being virtuous.


I am known as Krishna among the Vrishnis, and I am known as Arjuna among the Pandavas. Among sages I am Vyasa, and among poets, Ushanas.


I am the sceptre that deals out punishment, and it instils the art of statesmanship in those who are in positions of authority. I am the stillness of the unknowable and the understanding of the enlightened.


Arjuna, I am the seed that is present in all living things, for without me, nothing can exist, neither animate nor inanimate. I am the source of all life.


Arjuna, there is no limit to the divine qualities that I possess; the ones that I have listed here are just a sample.


You can be certain that any source of power, whether it be physical or spiritual, has its origins in a glimmer of my essence, whether it be in the form of strength or beauty.


But what good does it do you, Arjuna, to know all of this information? Just keep in mind that I am, and that I am able to keep the entire cosmos going despite only using a small portion of my being.

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